Valerie (_zofia) wrote,


hi there.

well im bored and mad at my parents so i decided to come on the computer and while im tchating with peter i'm making this:

15 Years Ago, I:
1. I was playing in my babysitter's backyard having fun with my best friends
2. still had my daddy
3. Was blond and beautiful
4. Tried out for a talent show and won the first place
5. was singing and thinking i was good

10 Years Ago, I:
1. was going to school with the same best friends and didnt care for anything
2. Lost my daddy
3. started to get fat, still blond, not so beautiful
4. Was to shy to tried out any talent shows
5. stop beleiving in herself because mom was saying i had no talent

5 Years Ago, I:
1. Moved out of town and lost all my best friends
2. had a stepdad that i thought he was my dad
3. was brunette and not pretty at all
4. tried music classes but got transfered because of her mom
5. no selfestime whatso ever

3 Years Ago, I:
1. started to drink and take drugs such as dex(coc) and acid
2. saw my dad again and realised that everybody lied to me since im 5
3. was blond again wearing pink and blue
4. went to saguenay to see my dad after 8 years
5. hated myself

1 Year Ago, I:
1. drank to much, took to much drugs and started to cut myself
2. had problems with my family, my sister and my self
3. was red hair, gothic/punk
4. got raped
5. started to sing and play guitard no matter what my mom says

6 Months ago, I:
1.stopped taking drugs in a deep deep depression
3.still goth/punk red hair
4.moved on
5.started to play guitard in front of people and sing

lately, I:
1. got over my depression
2. got myself together
3. Black hair goth/punk
4. started to get to know a sweet guy
5. played guitard and have more self estime

Yesterday, I:
1. drank a lot of alcohol
2. worked
3. did my hair in a pony tail
4. watched tv
5. Kissed someone :O

Today, I:
1. tchated with peter
2. talked on the phone with peter
3. still did my hair in a pony tail
4. called my dad
5. drank a coffee with my mom

Tomorrow, I:
1. have to work
2. will eat my chicken
3. will read my history essays
4. talk to Peter
5. apply for some jobs that pays more
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