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Back in 1991 my American classmates were often wondering what the strange letters "MUPA*" on my schoolbag meant. Although I knew they were in fact "МИРАЖ", I could hardly explain what stood behind the name. Yet this schoolbag was an echo of the massive success of a music band that conquered the Soviet Union in a wink of an eye, unexpectedly for everyone, founders included.

The lyrics were simple, the music was rhythmic, the spirit gathered all the freedom that was floating in the air at the moment... That spirit, that we lack probably today was possibly the thing that brought Mirage to the stadiums. The success was probably unprecedented and, most probably, unsurpassed.

The concept was novel and genius in its simplicity - the singers are replaceable, the music is not. Once the songs were recorded and the band went on tour, it hardly mattered what girl would dance on the stage, as long as she wore some sexy outfit. Within 3 years of existence 7 different singers performed for Mirage with the voice of Маргарита Суханкина invariably playing behind the dance.

But no-one ever cared for whether the girl was really singing or not - it's the spirit that mattered. Things were changing, freedom was in the air. And when you see Татьяна Овсиенко in her leather miniskirt you can imagine what it felt like.

Youtube has a collection of Mirage records of the late 80s that are well worth watching - feel the spirit! And keep in mind that all of the Russian pop of the 90s was actually trying to repeat Mirage's success - never to succeed.

The stereo in my car is playing "Наступает ночь" today - a tribute to the times I might not even remember, yet the spirit is somewhere inside me.
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