Stuff that happens to Zerø

Im a happy little girl who got made from pieces of dead boys.

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see ^_-

I like dancing hugs hello kitty ruby gloom being happy flowers kitties and everything else good. My home is clubs or raves(i need more raves!) I love dancing to any kinda alternative electronic,industrial,hardcore cybery sounding noise... I like close friends who I can hug and tell my secrets. I love manga and want to go to Japan one day. If you see me come give me hugs. I go out in Edinburgh and Glasgow whenever there's good clubs and I can. The best way to think on me is as a living living dead doll ^_^ But probably much cuter since cuteness is one of my favourite things! It's even better than extrerme gore!! >_< *huggles u for reading*
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1980s, 80's, 80's music, adrogeny, alternative makeup, androgyny, animals, anime, art, bdsm, bedlam, bill hicks, blue hair girls, bondage, bubbles, cabbits, caffeine, card captor sakura, cats, chibi, chobits, clamp, clubbing, clubs, coffee, colouring books, colouring in, cradle of filth, crayons, cyberdelia, cyberia, dancing, david bowie, david firth, digitiser, dita von teese, dolls, dolly, drag, dreams, dressup, ed gein, edinburgh, eyeliner, fat-pie, final fantasy, frasier, friendship, fruits basket, games, gaming, geek, ghost in the shell, girls, girly clothes, girly dresses, glam rock, glowsticks, going sideways, gore, goth, hair clasps, hardcore, hello kitty, hugs, industrial, japan, jigglypuff, karaoke, kissing, kitties, latex, le scroté, lexx, life, love, luna, lust, make up, makeup, manga, maoam, marian succesor nadesico, marilyn manson, nail polish, neon genesis evangelion, nihilism, outlaw star, overfiend, party monster, peanuts, peep show, persocoms, placebo, platform shoes, playing dressup, power puff girls, powerpuff girls, pulp, puppies, pvc, radiohead, rainbows, red dwarf, romance, rpgs, ruby gloom, ruri hohsino, ryoko, sakura and tomoyo, salad fingers, schoolgirls, secret of mana, sex, sharing secrets, sirius-b, snes, soft cell, space candy, stompy boots, strobe lights, studio 24, synth pop, t rex, tea, techno, teddies, teletext, tenchi, tenchi muyo, tenchi muyo!, the birthday massacre, toys, traditional animation, trance, trance the lobster, trans gender, transgender, twiggy ramirez, urotsukidoji, uv, uv stuff, video games, vr cyberdelia, zelda, zerØ, ziggy stardust