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Something worth posting [12 Jun 2007|12:22am]
[ mood | Proud ]


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ID [11 May 2007|04:29pm]
Today the government took Blairs departure to announce the I.D register was at least £400m over budget (over budget again). The home office are legally obliged to announce there expenditure twice yearly, but left this a month to announce. This is both immoral and illegal.

Not lol. I'll tell u wtf this is...this is how the world will end up if we do not oppose government sponsored I.D. registers. Once a database is created EVERTHING about you canbe added to from your fingerprint to how much you spend on alcohol, tobacco, or in this case condoms

see no2id.net for more info. Your identity is not the property of any state, company, individual or other organisation. Nobody has the right to keep records on you without your consent, but it's happening all the time. Even comments like this on the internet get logged in files and deleted by people who's interests are not served. Could be worse...you coulld live in china

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[19 Apr 2007|11:23am]
[ mood | distressed ]

Well i was going for my bus this morning and i trippe an fell and hit my head. I was so upset and now I'm sitting in work and my hands are all cuts and really hurt, my knees are bleeding and it really hurts to walk. My head feels pretty spaced out and I cant get rid of it. I came to on the ground and was seeing stars (you know like hose points of light you see when your head gets hit. I have a bunch of small cuts round my eye where my head must have hit the pavement too. I just feel really down now and wish I was with someone who'd look after me instead of sitting in pain trying to get my head to clear up so I can do some work :(

Otherwise stuffs going alright in zeroland. I'm in a new flat now, I'm near the end of my placement and I got a chance to go visit my cousin this week which made me happy as I've not seen him since October.

God, I wish everything would stop seeming so bight :-/

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Work Placement/Flat Hunting/Is it Summer yet?? [19 Feb 2007|01:06pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Hey hey.

 I've not been posting in a while, but hey how is LJ land? I'm now a month in to my university work placement. I'm working at Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Youth Centre down on Easter Road. It's nice Living in Edinburgh again. Still adjusting to 9 to 5ing it again tho. I was out at JAKN on Friday. It really made me want it to be summer again. It's so nice just seein all the quarry party punters (and munters) under one roof. I really wanna be seein them under the sky tho. I will always shy away from sunlight, but I definatley can't wait for summer.

In other news, our flatmate is moving to Norway, so Me and Linnea are looking for our own place. I'm starting to think about how much I'l miss the Grasmarket, but there's alot of stuff I won't. As long as we're close enough to town for easy club/party access then I don't really care where we end up.

In the meantime I need to find a nice gothy synthy kinda club wherew I ca wear my new dress. I got it like a month ago and haven't had any place to go out in it.>_< I wanna feel pretty!!! >_< I'm tiered of just wandering down the cowgate if i feel like somewhere to go, though I'll probably miss having it so close once we move. No doubt we'll have some kind of moving thing/leaving party for Lena so I'll probably post something about that soon.



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Delicious crime...I'll hurt it's arms [28 Nov 2006|03:42pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Well I'm happy to say there's finally a new ep of burnt face man (I've waited since march) on fat-pie Though I've noticed new villan Detergent Dan bears a striking resemblance to Paperwork Dan from the BFM Movie trailer.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Paperwork Dan

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Detergent Dan

David Firth remains a geinius all the same.

In other news I've finnally gotten some kind of a start on my dissertation. Should maybe stop slacking off with the web cartoons. Off to the library to read and write now.

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Gaaaah more f^_^ckin silly tests!! [10 Nov 2006|01:21am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Well this one was alright a Final Fantasy test to find out "Which Character I am"
Was told 2 take it by my Sister who now basically lives on the internet (belive it or not). I'm gonna stop with these excuses not to do work

Which FF Character Are You?

I do love Vivi. I always felt very protective over him when i played it. Aaaaaaaaaawww...I love you Vivi ^_^

Off 2 see Linnea tomorrow, cant wait. I always miss her so much, so i'm feelin pretty happy about that despite still stressing about getting my uni work done. "It's the weekend Zero, live a little" ^_-

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Hooked on this video [08 Nov 2006|12:37am]
Al Yankovich is a god, this tune is set to the tune of "Ridin' Dirty"


In other news i saw Borat yesterday. I laughed from start to finish and now must go see it again. If Yankovich is a God Sacha Baron Cohen is Zeus
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Got sucked into another stupid quiz [07 Nov 2006|01:46pm]
You scored as Hippy.






Popular Bitch




Athletic Tomboy


Nerdy Girl


Preppy Girl




What type of girl are you?!!
created with QuizFarm.com
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We are the strange [26 Oct 2006|12:09pm]
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Stumbled acros this on YouTube. I took this pic 'cos the girl looks pretty. I think it is some kind of spoof. the trailer (link below) is quite funny.


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[18 Oct 2006|06:51pm]
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Happy halloween(soon)

Like my outfit??
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been a while [02 Oct 2006|10:40pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

well my mummy and daddy realised that the bad man on the internet who's gonna pose as someone else to take me away and be evil is actually me. So out of the blue i seem to be online back home and livejournaling away like i have an office job again (well posting anyway).
Between two teenage sisters and all the traveling i'm doing now i've started 3rd year i'll probably see very little of the 'tinterweby goodness.

Life's treatin me no bad anyway, got to actually start putting in the effort for real at uni now, maybe a home PC will help with all this dissertation research i'm gonna be doin althogh this place was my first stop so perhaps i need more disipline...

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B-ed-inburger-lam 3!!!(working title) [19 May 2006|11:45am]
Well Saturday the 3rd(or 4th not sure) 2100-0200 is Bedlam.This is just a reworking of my last Bedlam post, but MUCH earlier,so if you're interested, here's all the details. GET IN TOUCH OR LEAVE A CoMMeNT!!(Go on make me feel LoVED). Hoping to get a bunch of Edinburgh ppl to come as the next bus 2 Edinburgh is 0300 (http://www.citylink.co.uk/images/timetables_online/CG34_nov_21-11-05/glas2edin_xmas.pdf) and the bus station is easily reached within an hour.

Me and Linnea will be heading for a bus aruond 1900 from her place and will most likely get to Buchanan Bus Stn around 2030 the subway (£1) will take u to QMU(the venue) in around 10 min. Bedlam is £4/5 entry and more info can be found at http://fp.bedlamcorp.plus.com/index.htm

You know how you always see a bunch of Glaswiegians at Mission/Ascention/Cyberia/Bitch...well...this is how they do it boys and girls. Hope to see a good few friends on Sat. Just give me a text or call for more information. Details on this post may change with circumstances, so keep checkin....The more the merrier or something.
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I like this pic, essays are in, full time east coast [13 May 2006|09:04pm]
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hey thetre LJ LAND...well i got the first two of my 3 last assesssments for 2nd year at uni handed in. Can't wait until it's all over and i can start working. I will be living with Linnea. In Edinburgh! Woooo!! No more F^_^ckin Paisley!!

Next week is gonna be the final test for me, but if I got through this week of all-nighters, too much pro-plus,coffee,and tea and basically ending up knowing EVERYTHiNG about Scottish executive policy and key writings concerning community work models of practice (yeah) then i can get through next week.

Here's a pic of me & Linnea from new year. I really like it.

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Take hallucinogens.Point face at screen.Enjoy [09 May 2006|11:06am]
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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Gah! Got sucked into another of these silly tests! [26 Apr 2006|11:19am]
Apparently the BBFC would rate my life an 18. That's no surprise to me, but hey i sat there for 3.5min. I'm damned if I'm not posting it.


Interesting to read all the responses to the luke mitchell thing. I think the most off pissing part is that "he" has added all the Edinburgh/Glasgow alt communities. Perhaps the collective action of their admin might have more luck than single complainants? Just a thought. Hugs for all....see u in clubland xoxo
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"Friends" with "Luke Mitchell" [21 Apr 2006|12:17pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Soooo...I'm looking at my userinfo and note that i am a "friend of" "Luke Mitchell" who is someone who has nothing better to do writing an LJ from an unconvincing perspective of the Jodi Jones murderer.
This is a real poor show. For one all of "his" userpics are taken from the press.

See below:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

One of which is this:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I now have to go work out how to block ppl although my LJ is not a friends only and i have no desire as of yet to do so.

I suppose the main thing I want to stress is that i do not find this individual in the slightest to be clever or amusing, nor do i endorse, support, or in any way wish to be considered affiliated with them...kind of why i posted i suppose.

Any thoughts LJ land??(that's actual friends)

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Easter...A proper update [19 Apr 2006|12:30pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Well i had an excellent 2 weeks.
Went to stay with Linnea over easter and we went to sweden to stay with her parents for a few days on like the 5th. It was really nice and relaxing. Slightly more confusing than just being at Linneas since EVERYTHiNG is in swedish and not just some stuff. That sucks since i probably have the worst spoken english of anyone i know in the firstplace (large vocabulary though ^_-) Not a big deal though and it was nice going on a plane since I've not done that before and stuff looks so pretty from up there. Sweden is pretty. Most of the landscape is trees and brightly painted disney houses. Went past my parents house on the way back.

Most importantly I found amusingly named European confectionary...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

AND ....A NEW MAoAM!!!...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Got home on Sunday night. The second week of easter was good too. I can honestly say I don't eel I would have any problem living with Linnea. The flat is always really nice to be in and have people over to and sh is so good to me.

Alas I have to return to uni and essays and life back in Paisley as easter has ended. I have full intentions of spending my summer there though so now my primary objective is finding a job to actually be able to pay some rent.
Still working on my CV. Gonna have alot of research and reading and late nighting an stress to get through. Oh well, better get on with it eh?

Back into couple-slave mode now as I only said goodbye to Linnea yesterday and I'm alreay like )=> NOOO I MiiiSsss Yoooo <=( BUT hey I'm back on Friday for another weekend and we will be going out to ascention this Saturday so I can't wait.

Didn't get up to anything else worth mentioning on LJ. Hope everyone else had excellent easters too. See you on the internet or weekend land


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Easter Has arrived ^_^ [31 Mar 2006|12:43pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Well I'm going to stay with Linnea all easter. So probably won't post anything new until mid april. Intend to take it as easy and party as hard as i can until i'm back at uni. I've had a pile of stres this year with the volume of work and assignments and they're not over yet, but I don't rreally need to worry about what's left until I've been back a while so I'm really going to enjoy this holiday.

Hope everyone else ahs a good easter and that the bunny is good to you.

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Bedlam [24 Mar 2006|10:43am]
[ mood | stressed ]


Well this Saturday 2100-0200 is Bedlam. Hoping to get a bunch of Edinburgh ppl to come as the next bus 2 Edinburgh is 0300 (http://www.citylink.co.uk/images/timetables_online/CG34_nov_21-11-05/glas2edin_xmas.pdf) and the bus station is easily reached within an hour.

Me and Linnea will be heading for a bus aruond 1900 from her place and will most likely get to Buchanan Bus Stn around 2030 the subway (£1) will take u to QMU(the venue) in around 10 min. Bedlam is £4/5 entry and more info can be found at http://fp.bedlamcorp.plus.com/index.htm

Get in touch with Luna Linnea or myself.You know how you always see a bunch of Glaswiegians at Mission/Ascention/Cyberia/Bitch...well...this is how they do it boys and girls. Hope to see a good few friends on Sat. Just give me a text or call fir more information

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Cariff...22hr of bus pain...siriusB pwning...great crowd there...where u bn 0?Wot else u been up to? [22 Mar 2006|01:25pm]
Since my last update I have been to Cardiff with SiriusB( Luna and Procyon). Been at Linneas moving in party. Went to Ascention and had a good dance the same night. Got a bunch of uni stuff done(will refrain from mentioning) some other stuff too. Importantly I started formulating another BEDLAM for beginners ^_- but I will save that information for my next post.

FRI 10th

The coach ride down there was 12 hours!! This was by the end very painful and surreal. I was only able to sleep by devising a method whereby (we luckily had the 3 back seats) I lay on the floor and Seamus got the seats. Otherwise known as backseat rebellion.
I was entertained some of the way by a little girl who wouldn’t stop making faces at me. That was really fun ‘cos I didn’t have to stop making them back.
We changed bus in like Bristol or somewhere though, so the last part was the hardest. Mainly because about 20min from Cardiff about 50 other people from another coach that had broken down got on. Needless to say, no chance of backseat rebellion.
Once Chazzy and Jamie got us we were taken to Nia’s house where we were very kindly put up over the weekend. Thank you.

SAT 11th
We went to the venue for the gig at 1700. Spent a lot of time just setting stuff up and stressing over technology not working or being available, but eventually that all sorted itself and at 2230 they went on.
They were really well received and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The rest of the evening turned out to be really good. The scene in Cardiff is very close knit, but I have to state clearly that everyone was welcoming and good fun to party with. So much o that we just kept partying back at Nia’s until…

SuN 12th
…we had to leave around 0800 to make sure we got our bus. The bus left Cardiff at around 1030 and we got back to Edinburgh at about 2100. Linnea met us at the bus station ^_^ after some well earned Burger King and parting ways with siriusB me and Linnea went back to the new flat. It was so good to go home with her since I had misse her so much in Cardiff. Was only 2days, but the distance is psychological.

MoN 13th

I got up around 1700 once Linnea got home from work. Just as well as I miss her when she is at work. Monday was my first chance to sleep properly since before Cardiff so I must have needed it. Had a nice night with Linnea and got ready to go back to uni land of weekdayness.

Had a research thing to do to answer a bunch of questions for an assessment due for Fri 17th GOT IT DONE ON THUR!! And since I had no class on Fri (supposed to be doin more research ^_-) I as able to go see Linnea early!! That made her happy and me too we got to be together a lot between thur and tue (when I had to go back 2 uni) so it was really good. Notable events include…

MoViNG IN PARTY and ASCeNSioN (sat 18)

The house warming for the new flat was an excellent night that definitely establishes for me at least Linneas new flat as much more of a party flat. It’s a bit smaller, but is a walk from most clubs. We walked to ascension, which was real good, best one yet for me anyway.
I wore a sailor top (thank you Linnea) and puffy black hat with my hair in a side pony and felt really cute ^_^

Not much more to report over and above that. I have yet more work to get done in uni and me and Linnea are going to Sweden for a few days during easter.


BeDLAM is happening on the Sat 25th and toward this end I will put up a post with instructions for all Edinburgers seeking some west coast EBM Industrial Electro goodness. The next post I put up will have this so just let me know. I must work now since I cant wait for this excellent night to come and as such must earn it, by getting this uni boredom over.

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