Punks not dead

It was stillborn

29 June

Missed But Never Forgotten

I m kissing the shadows you surround me with,
to feel my pain vanishing away from me.
Your touching the shadows I m surrounding you with,
so together in peace we shall be.

/*~*\Everyone loves magical trevor /*~*\

I worship this woman
title or description

I've been waiting
all my life
for the moment
to be right

You and me
tonite could be the night
a love fantasy
my heart keeps cryin'


I wanna feel
you in my arms
I wanna love you till
the emptiness is gone

Take my hand
Tonite could be the nite
my heart is cryin'


Tonite may
never come again
don't want to
let this feelin'
ever ever end

You and me
tonite could be the nite
fall in love
my heart keeps cryin'

one of two women I would try and grow a dick for.

mellon love

this is how we roll

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