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Мировые товарищи

Creating a global network of emerging leaders and to broaden international understanding at Yale, the World Fellows Program each year brings to Yale 14-18 highly accomplished men and women from a diverse set of countries around the world. The Fellows spend an intensive semester exploring critical issues and undergoing leadership training, with the full resources of Yale University at their disposal. Selected from outside the United States at an early mid-career point (generally five to fifteen years into their professional development), the World Fellows come from a range of fields and disciplines including government, business, nongovernmental organizations, religion, the military, media, and the arts. Guided by faculty advisors, the Fellows deepen their resource bases, advance their breadth of understanding, and augment their skills. Building on access to the students, faculty, alumni, and Yale visitors, the Fellows prepare for greater roles of leadership, expand their professional and personal horizons, and contribute to a deepening of international awareness and dialogue within the Yale community.


мировые товарищи (кхмм)

мировой товарищ

а, кстати, прошерстить по списочку нынешних героев африканских реоолюций? небось, найдутся? (мне влом)

блин, примитивно
скушно дажэ

интересно, от кого тварищи? ясно, списочек не единственный