December 4th, 2005

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Decided to make this entry public... so people won't think I was day or something.

Joined a new group. openbeta. maverickmila started it. Says I might be good enough to be a mod someday. o_0

Have been thinking of writing a new fic. But I've got so much else to do what with betaing the Bumblebee thing (for maverickmila again...) that I've got like no time.

Wonder if she'll mind me dropping off the planet... just for a little bit...



Deep contemplation... Dunno where this came from...

Weep, my pretty angel, weep
For the world once beautiful
Once sinless
Once clean

Weep for the people,
The evil, the cruel
Who twisted creation

Weep, my angel, weep for me
For I was one of them
That dark side of humanity
Inhumane humanity

Weep, angel dearest, tears of blood
Because in a world quite so broken
Anything less
Is worth nothing at all