Macon - Zapper Leader

Zapper HQ:Macon Attn: May

Macon grumbled as he was tossed out into the streets, landing on his right knee, left foot against the ground. He turned back and tried to glare at the Technos who were standing guard over the door, dressed in plain clothing, but the sun hit his eyes and he could no longer see. It wasn't darkness this time, it was complete white, and where normally he'd look into the sun, squint, and get a somewhat vision of whatever he was looking at, this was not to be. Turning away, Macon squatted there on the ground, blinking, trying to see once more. His heart began to race, what if they hadn't told him not to look into lights and now he was really blind? Everything was red!

Within a few moments the red subsided, turning to black and then bringing his vision back. Macon stood and stumbled a few feet, still finding that his motor functions were poor. His left foot and knee turned to point out as he walked forward, limping along. He still couldn't quite feel his legs, it was going to take him a very long time to walk back to Zapper base.

Zappers met Macon on his walk home, "Macon! What happened to you?" they'd ask, and Macon would try and recount the harrowing story that was slowly becoming more courageous as it went on. The Stingrays had found him, that leader, Dan, and they had tortured him, trying to get the built half of their car, among other information. Some of the Zappers ran off to look for the stinkin Stingrays, others stuck with Macon, trying to help him hobble back to HQ.

When they arrived, he was greeted by half of the Tribe, lazing around and eating lunch, it irritated and angered him. "Get out of here! Go kill those Stingrays, look what they did to me! Go out there and get the parts, how many do we have? One? GET OUT!" So maybe he was taking it out on them, his anger and his upset, but it was easy that way, and they deserved it after all he'd just gone through.

Zix, the last person he wanted to see right now, stepped forward, wringing his hands, "Uh, Macon?"

"What?" he snapped back, taking his arms from around the shoulders of the two boys who had helped him walk back home, wobbling on his marshmallow legs.

Zix jumped and swallowed hard, "Uh, someone is here to see you, that one that was all beat up and went to the Mall? She's ah, she's in there," he thumbed back towards the room that Macon had his meetings in.

"I don't want to see her, tell her to go back out and fight," Macon dismissed easily, hobbling towards his bedroom, he had to find Becky, if what Mega had said, she wasn't hurt and she was still alive, he had to be sure she was, then he had to send her out into the streets to be tough, toughen up. She'd never survive a treatment by Line if she didn't toughen up a little bit.

"Uhh, Macon?" Zix interrupted him, swallowing hard as he stopped and glanced over his shoulder at him, obviously annoyed. "She said Jordan beat her up," his forehead creased with an unsure look.

Macon thought about this for a minute, his eyes glazing over as he glanced back to the door. Well, that was kind of vital information, and if she had come from inside of the Mall, perhaps she had more information for him. He had some questions for her anyway, like, why that one tall Mall Rat got all twisted up when Macon had thrown her around. It dawned on his sluggish brain then that she could be a spy. If that was true, he was going to delete her, here and now, and personally hand deliver her to the Mall. 'You won't be making any more trips down to the Mall now, I'm afraid' Line's voice echoed in his head and Macon shivered. "I'll see her," he agreed, hobbling in the direction of the door, trying to straighten up and get himself more presentable. One of the girl Zappers ran over and helped Macon to clean up his chin and neck first, so he wouldn't look quite so haggard when he did go in there, and Macon waved her away when he'd had enough.

Slowly turning the doorknob and entering the room, Macon scanned the girl's face. She looked horrible. He closed the door behind him, took a seat in the chair across from her, crossed his arms across his chest, and glared. "Well? I'm a busy man!" he barked finally, his mind four thousand miles away worrying about Becky.
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Macon - Zapper Leader

Zapper HQ, Inner Room: Macon & Becky

He smiled down at Becky and ruffled her hair a bit. It was good to know that she was okay and that she was coming back to HQ with them. Make no mistake, Macon was a bastard, but he had a soft spot in Becky. She was like a sister to him, and those Stingrays would pay for hurting her. When she asked about the items, he looked around him to make sure that they were alone, before answering her. “Ah, we have 1 item left. We are a little behind today because stuff came up, but there is a bunch out there looking right now. You never know, by the time we get back, it might have been found.”

He hoped it had been found, not wanting any more trouble today. Looking down at Becky once more, he wondered if she knew that Jordan had escaped the Mall? He would ask her about everything once they were back in HQ. It felt good to walk with his tribe. He was proud to be their leader and he hoped that they were proud to have him.

Once they had gotten back to HQ, he tapped Becky on the shoulder. “Hey, let’s go and talk in private, I want to hear about everything. And you don’t need to go and get the items, you need some rest. You’re already hurt and I know that you can take care of yourself, but I don’t want anything worse happening to you.” The place was buzzing with activity as per usual and he stopped to ask if the item had been found, but it hadn’t. After instructing a couple people to go and look for it, he headed into the inner room and took a seat at the table. After dismissing anyone else who had been in the room, he looked at Becky with concern in his eyes. “So tell me what happened out there.”
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Macon - Zapper Leader

Macon:Heading for The Mall

"Macon!" Zix burst into the inner room of the Zapper headquarters, breathing heavily, "They, catching, Mall, Jordan," he tried to get out, clutching at his chest a bit as he tried to calm the stress tension building in there.

"Zix! Don't effin bust in here, you know the rules man, what the hell is wrong with you?" Macon screamed, standing up and growling at the boy. He'd been sitting at his table with Caesar and Horst, discussing their plan of attack on the Stingrays tonight during the battle. Now, however, he'd been interrupted, and Macon hated to be interrupted most of all.

"Dude I'm sorry man, but look, those Mall Rats, they've got that Militia out and they're bringing in Zappers, there's rumors flying around that Jordan got loose man! Jordan escaped, that's what I hear, and they're lookin for him and bringing in guys that look like him!" Zix had finally caught his breath and was leaning against the doorframe a bit, talking animatedly, "Plus! I heard the Stingrays killed someone, they took the body to the Mall..and it might...might have been...Becky," he looked to the floor now. Becky was like Macon's pet or something, no one messed with her, no one bothered her, and if they did, Macon was sure to zap you for it.

Macon stood there blinking, surely Zix was one in their right mind would kill Becky, or let Jordan go free! Jordan had killed, cold blooded murder with a metal thing, and Macon wasn't against killing Stingrays, but that had been too far, and could hinder the competition, get them in trouble. Hadn't he heard something about some Stingrays killing Non-Color kids recently too? Part of that Mozzie Tribe he thought, dangerous. But his mind wasn't on that, his mind was on Becky, "What do you mean they killed Becky, you're wrong," he banged his fist hard against the table, watching Zix jump, startled.

"I don't know, Macon, I don't, all I know is there was some fight and a Stingray shot a short fat little.."

"Don't call her fat!" Macon growled, pushing past Zix with enough force to knock him over, storming past him. This wasn't true, he'd go to the Mall right now and see for himself. If he found the body of his Becky in that building, it'd be a masacre, not just against the Mall Rats, but against all Stingrays. She was like a little sister to him, the closest thing he'd had to family in a long time, and he'd have nothing of her being hurt or killed. This would be Macon's first trip inside of the Mall, he wasn't one for going in there, he knew how the Mall Rats were, they'd surely take him into custody before they explained themselves, and he wasn't going to be taken, not without one bloody fight.
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Looking for a fight

Jordan continued to sneak away calmly, casually. Finally, he made it safely away from the mall. He was safe. He was in Zapper territory now.

Once he was safely inside the borders of his own territory, he reached into his pocket to pull out his blue bandana. Carefully, he placed it back on his head, where it belonged. He sighed with relief. Much better.

Now that he was free Jordan had one job to do - the job that had gotten him in trouble in the first place, but first he had to find his weapon. He searched and finally found it where he had left it, hidden under the rubble. He took a moment to test it, finding everything as it had been before he was caught. It was still just as sharp, so he did not need to worry about sharpening it, yet.

After testing his weapon, and finding it satisfactory, Jordan began to search for any Stingrays stupid enough to get in his way. They would pay for hurting Becky, whethor or not he found the one who had caused her such pain.

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Jordan casually strolled past a couple of unsuspecting mallrats, but they didn't pay any attention to him. All the better. His heart was beating fast, but he tried to hide all signs of stress or anxiety. Noone noticed him anyways. Stupid mallrats.... they don't even know their own... this is wonderful. Who knew they were so obvlious? He grinned at this thought, but by then he had already left the mall.

Jordan walked through the streets, feeling his heart stop pounding insistently. He was free! They would never catch him now! He basked in the glory of his accomplishment. He had escaped from the Mallrats. While this had not been a fairly difficult task, he would pretend that it had been. Noone needed to know how easy it had been to evade the Mallrats. The other Zappers would think him glorious and brave when he told them.

As soon as he was far enough away from the mall, he took his blue bandanna and put it back on his head, where it belonged. Now, to find the game pieces and hunt some stingrays.
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Becky: Walking around

Becky walked through the alley way, kicking an old empty can of peaches. "This blows." She thought to herself. Becky was one of the youngest Zappers, taken in by the group not only for her spunk, but her ability to fight. She leaned against the wall. What had happened to half of her tribe? Macon had been so preocupied trying to take down the Stingrays. Macon was like a brother to her. He had always made sure she wasn't seriously hurt in the fights, but even if Macon hadn't cared, Becky was sure she'd still be alive. She walked out of the alley and down the street. There were a few people, none of them had colors.

Losers, she thought to herself. 'They don't know what their missin'" Becky rolled her eyes, readjusted her bandanna and continued to walk down the streets, bored out of her mind.


[OOC: This is Becky. Thanks to TD for the pic!]

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Jordan woke inside the cage. He blinked as his vision cleared. Where was he? He rubbed his eyes and shook his head, his blue bandana shifting on his head slightly. He looked again and his breath caught in his throat as he realized where he was. In a cage, in the mall - trapped. He had been caught.

After the intial moments of panic, Jordan forced himself to relax. He had to think to survive, as always. He glanced around again, this time taking careful note of his surroundings. A stingray was chained to the outside of the cage. Damn stingrays! He decided to ignore the stingray, for now until he was forced to deal with the idiot.

Jordan looked around at the cage again. A large chain bolted the door shut - trapping him side. He checked his pockets. Good those mallrats hadn't taken his tools from him. He would have to pay more attention to that lock. Could he pick it; could he break it; could he escape?

Thoughts of escape, of survival, plagued his mind. Before he started to work on that lock, he had to search for others who might be around. Was there a guard around?