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xiao lei

Posted on 2005.07.08 at 13:03
I don't know if I'm doing a right thing or a wrong thing,but I quit,this friend,I know maybe I will not meet such friend as good as him,no not good,I should say..with special personality..as what he always say,the personality.or maybe just think it that way:there's only one person is like him in the world that is him,when he's gone he's gone,but people don't have many choices

the dog

Posted on 2005.07.05 at 12:30
I went to the pet agorae a few days ago,I didn't expect that it's moved,I asked about it and someone told me it had been moved to somewhere else far away from here.I always went to that agorae to see little cats and doggies..there's a very cute little dog that I really liked,I was intended to buy it ,but considered some troubles it may bring me such like gnaring all days that will disturb the neighbors...so I gave up .for a period of time I went to see him almost everyday.this is a very cute dog,white shock hair around his body,the ears're drooped all the time.he swinging his tail every time when he saw me.the strange thing is,such a beautiful and cute dog has never been sold.I suppose he still hasn't til it's gone.
the place is so far from my home,I thought I don't have a lotta chance to see him then.but today I saw a woman walking on the street,behind her followed a white dog looked just like that dog.so I went to the woman and talked to her,she said the dog is named 'Jieke',he 's very folksy to me ,and shaking the tail when I touched him.but soon they left.I don't really know if it's that dog.

be yourself

Posted on 2005.06.29 at 21:49
people do not want to talk about the real life,I don't want to talk about it ,it brings nothing but the pain,the frustration and the balefulness..words always seemed exaggerated but the real pain is stronger than them,we daren't talk,we talk with confines,because we're afraid to be different,everyone's limited,you only talk about things that you think people would understand, acceptant views,you never say anything wrong,but the price is high,you became the dummy of the soul.but you have to write,day after day,what did you think in the whole day?the thought is like the stream,you can't catch it and you can't touch it,it's transient,you wanna miss it,leave it,if you want to save it,remember it,you have to pay attention to it.

ads're gone

Posted on 2005.06.14 at 13:42
it's much better now

Posted on 2005.05.18 at 12:10
the actors in Shaoxin opera are actually actresses and the actresses in Beijin Opera are actually actors

the old man

Posted on 2005.04.02 at 08:37
today I went out for shopping,and I met the old man(the cat),I said hello to him,but he ignored me,I felt a little sad and wondered:did I do anything wrong?but then I realized ,he's just a cat what do you expect of him?and then I'm okay with this,I stood there and watched him acted as a real man but everything he's doing is just pretending,I feel sorry for him and I don't think I'm gonna talk to him again.


Posted on 2005.03.31 at 03:49
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it's so weird

Posted on 2005.03.30 at 21:12
it's all about an old man,I met him 10 years ago,in a park where I used to walk my dog everyday...anyways the man is dead now and I missed him.
after he died they threw his ashes into the garbage can,his family (his son and wife of his son and his grandchildren)don't like him at all,unfortunately his wife died many years earlier than him and she could be the only person in the world that loved him so much
what a poor man he is,now he's dead but no one cried for him even once and nobody's sad for him.
now it's been four years ,sometimes when I walk to the park I remember the old man,the first time I met him,he looked so castiron and optimistical and we talked a lot..
but that's not what I want to say!what I wanna say is the ashes ,remember?in the garbage can?a little cat ate it and the next day the cat's body began to change..about 4 years later(now) the cat became the old man!what a weird thing it is