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Smoking makes your hair turn white

Interview with Diz about prison conditions

Smoking makes your hair turn white

This Sunday: Pass it on!

lydiamorgan and the massive concocted a benefit for Diz...little did they, or anyone else, know that he would be able to show up to it in person. Sneaky bugger and his great escape.

The proceeds from this event are going toward the outstanding legal debt which he is faced with in his newly acquired freedom. He's been through harrowing circumstances and although he's taking everything very well, the last thing he needs to worry about right now is massive debt.

It's £6, and at an awesome venue...stop by for a bit and welcome ynl home. He's squishy!

I'll be there to carry him home afterwards.
Smoking makes your hair turn white

“Half a calamity is better than a whole one” - Lawrence of Arabia


The DA has dropped all charges.

Cat is coming home. No criminal record, his name cleared, and he's a free man. A poor man, but free! We expecting him on a plane back to London within twenty-four hours.

The BBC went to Dubai to cover this story, and interviewed key officials in the case. The reporter and our attorney are saying that damage control is underway: many prisoners are about to be released, and they're promising reforms which could reduce these sorts of arrests happening to future travelers. Not holding my breath, but if this does transpire, then we've basically achieved everything we set out to do from the beginning, and that's a fair bit of awesome.

It's all a bit sudden, and I'm still trying to get my head around it.

You guys have a fucking lot to be proud of. The media attention we've drawn from our collective efforts has resulted in not only Cat's release, but that of other prisoners and the subsequent changes that are under review. That's a pretty serious accomplishment. Today you can look in the mirror and know you've made the world a better place, and I sincerely hope karma gives you the reach-around for your efforts. You guys rock.

I never thought I'd see the day where I said the internet restored my faith in humanity. This is the geek equivalent of an 80's movie ending. Who's throwing the prom, then?
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Smoking makes your hair turn white

Fun campaigning stuff: put that outrage to good use!

So Dubai is whoring itself out to the UK at a major expo in Earls Court this weekend. I bring you The Dubai Show!

That's right! An entire festival devoted to sucking in more workers and investors, brought to you by the lovely folks who gave you this, this and this, amongst many other classic hits!

You can help

From Radha:

We are in need of a Team Leader to attend the Dubai Show in Earls Court, London this weekend. It will involve handing out press releases in order to raise awareness, further the campaign & highlight the extremity of the situation to the UAE authorities and international press. If you can lead the team, it would simply involve arranging to meet volunteers at a certain time with printouts. Please contact me urgently if you can help in this way.

Let's put a stop to this at the source! Anyone who's up for flyering the event get in touch with Radha at radha@futurecorp.co.uk

Pass it on!
Smoking makes your hair turn white

Important update: prison, charges and legal defense

On February 10th, Cat was moved to Al Wathba Central Prison, before
test results were even concluded on the mystery .003 grams dirt that
the arresting officials allege is ‘hashish’.

The melatonin (the possession of which being what he was originally
held for) and his urine were given a second test. The results were
again negative according to the German Consulate.

The dirt was finally processed, after two weeks of
‘testing’. The result is positive according to Cat’s
attorney though the matter remains under investigation due to
incorrectly followed evidence procedures and he has still not been
officially charged.

Authorities have called on another extension for 7 days. At the
conclusion of this 7 day period, an extension will most likely be
sought for a further 30 – 40 days at which point a date for the
hearing should be arranged and will cause further delays. At such
time, his council will begin negotiations with the prosecution to drop
the case and urge for a swift deportation. If he is not successful,
Cat will have to wait a few more days for a preliminary hearing. Even
if successful, we are unsure how long it will take to deport him. If
unsuccessful, he faces 4 years imprisonment. Cat will of course be
pleading innocent at this trial.

Cat will remain in Al Wathba Prison. Al Wathba Prison is notorious for
its human rights abuses including executions, lashings, overcrowding.
With lice infested inmates competing for space on the concrete floor:



We need to give Cat the best change of a favourable ruling at the
trial as we can. We need to raise £25,500 urgently for his legal
representation. The money will be held in trust by a well known law
firm in Dubai who are partners of the UK solicitors monitoring the
case. It will be released to his advocate in instalments. If there are
any changes in circumstances and we no longer need the full
£25,000 (unlikely at this point), we will refund all leftover
collections proportionally. As of 14/02/08, we have raised
approximately 20% and appreciate the amazing response so far.

Please circulate this most important appeal for financial assistance.

Related Websites and background information:



We need your help: we are asking for your donations--whatever you can
give--of which 100% of proceeds will go toward his legal defence fund.
Without a lawyer, Cat will very likely have no option but to plead
guilty, and we are at a critical stage in this process. Cat pleaded
with us not to let him get lost in the system and we need to do
everything we can to keep prevent this happening. Without legal
representation, he doesn’t stand a chance.

Thank you so much for your help, we couldn’t do this without
your benevolence and generosity.


If you have any questions about the fund, please feel free to contact:

Help circulate this message of blogs, websites, journals etc.
Smoking makes your hair turn white

Dubai responds...finally

I guess they had to, really.
Tourists Get Drug Warning

Listen to this:

“These laws help discourage anyone from carrying or using drugs,”
 Backpeddle faster? Where was this information on any of your websites before these innocent people made the fatal decision to visit your country?

If you were in any doubt that these recent arrests were not for the purposes of setting a cruel example, there you go. FIRST HAND.