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The modern day menace of the nineteenth century

8 October

I make clothes.

If you've added me and want to be added back, give me a shout. If you want to be a voyeur, that's okay too.

18th century, 80's metal, albert steptoe, angry men in suits, bad covers, bad teeth, banal sex, banjos, basil rathbone, beethoven, bill bailey, bobby sixkiller, catholicism, chauvinism, cheesy goth rock, chivalry, communism, concept albums, conquest and brotherhood, contortion, cross dressing, crying and masturbating, cuba, dancing like a goth, distress of the wrong, diz-dom, dragonforce lyrics, dudes in lycra tights, east germany, eastern bloc, exclusion of cheerful, fetal position, fighting like gentlemen, fishing, gaijin, geek pie, grandpas, gunishment, harpsichords, heavy metal, hero metal, horseshoe pitching, inappropriate use of chopsticks, ireland, jihad, joy, keith richards, key changes, kinky friedman, kuminism, lorenzo lamas, louise brooks, mad scientists, made-up words, mana, marxism, mary poppins, masculinity, masturbatory guitar solos, mechanical pencils, men hugging each other, mens clothes, metal operas, mildred's boobs, mother of london, motorbikes, musical saw, my belly, my fake british accent, old men, omar sharif, pensioners, peter o'toole, pirates, pocket watches, poofy sleeves, post punk, power metal, prince charming, prince harry, prog rock, richard harris, ridiculously long power-ballads, russia, scotch, senior citizens, shakespeare, shatner impressions, shatner's basoon, shopping trollies, singing phonetically, smoking, snogging ugly dudes, songs about genghis khan, soviet union, square jaws, stephan hawking, surprises, tchotchkes, teen angst, tesco tunics, the chinese, the colonies, the great manowar, the necrowizard, the path of metal, the queen's english, the tiger lillies, three piece suits, tony blair, tweed, ugly, unicorns, ussr, viagra, vintage meat, visual kei, vladmir lenin, vladwatch, white hair, whitechapel massive, wilfrid brambell, world war one, ye olde, your accent, yungfuktoi, мат, трансформация