Mildred (_yungfuktoi_) wrote,

My birthday party for the fabulously wealthy!

Cordially inviting all billionaires, Illionaires, toffs, socialites, chaps, robber barons, tycoons, CEO's, fat cats, moguls, imperialists, colonialists, capitalists, industrialists, fat cats, oligarchs, autocrats, aristocrats, barons, duchesses, czars, princes, popes, Jack Nicholson...

To celebrate Mildred's birthday at her estate in the colonies with a night of art, music, DJ's, cigars, fox hunting and social climbing!

Bring a bottle, some crepes, fois gras, man servants, mail order brides, white tigers, scary black robes and candles, etc.

RSVP and dress as though your inheritance is at stake.

NO POOR ALLOWED!!! Please only beg for change at a civil distance from the venue.

122 Gallery
122 Glendale BLVD (Penthouse)
Downtown Los Angeles, CA

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