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f&otp; kiss you, yuki x tohru

So while I couldn't sleep, I looked through my many-plenty theme_comms and saw this claim still non-updated for a few months now. Felt like doing this, well, forced myself to, but-- whatever. My YukiTohru-muses weren't really cooperating with me tonight (none really has... lately) so I made Yuki pick a fight with Kyou, if you know what I mean. And lookie there! It actually helped me get somewhere. Hehe, I hope you read this is a 5-minute or less time consuming.

Title: kiss you
Author/Artist: Yuki ( _yukisuki )
Pairing: Yuki x Tohru
Fandom: Furuba (Fruits Basket)
Theme: 30. kiss 「キス」 30_kisses
Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket.

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