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f&otp; kiss you, yuki x tohru

So while I couldn't sleep, I looked through my many-plenty theme_comms and saw this claim still non-updated for a few months now. Felt like doing this, well, forced myself to, but-- whatever. My YukiTohru-muses weren't really cooperating with me tonight (none really has... lately) so I made Yuki pick a fight with Kyou, if you know what I mean. And lookie there! It actually helped me get somewhere. Hehe, I hope you read this is a 5-minute or less time consuming.

Title: kiss you
Author/Artist: Yuki ( _yukisuki )
Pairing: Yuki x Tohru
Fandom: Furuba (Fruits Basket)
Theme: 30. kiss 「キス」 30_kisses
Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket.

“Yuki-kun,” Tohru began, voice pleading; chocolate brown eyes weary and tear-stained. “Please—there’s no need…Yuki-kun!”

The navy haired young boy glared at the other, lilac irises flaring against ruby. The first blow drew subsequently after, as if time slowed down but forwarded too quickly in mere milliseconds. A flash of orange locks was seen flying across the field onto the building; smashing into the sturdy brick walls, smoke and dust raging in the air... and Yuki- Yuki, standing still with his arms out… his deadly gaze staring down upon the boy who fell.

The game of cat and mouse had begun.

Kyou stood up, his legs wobbling and unstable, unable to move- unable to fight- unable to protect his honor and pride.

“Curse you… you damn Rat!!!” The carroty haired boy screamed, mustering all his strength to charge toward the unscratched, unharmed – the cursed… wretched… unfair – Sohma Yuki with fury, rage, hurt and pain. Everything he possessed in his constricted heart; to take down this boy of all zodiacs.

“I’m going to beat you up, you bastard!!”

Tohru stood immobile, her legs frozen in place and tears began to well up once more in sorrow. “Yuki… Kyou…”

The scene played once again. Kyou running towards Yuki, Yuki returning to his original stance, the seconds that beat rhythmically like the thumps of their hearts. Kyou carelessly landing a punch but misses by a mere dodge from the other. Yuki pivoting his body and throws a counter punch in return for the former, hitting Kyou directly at his right cheek. Kyou slides back, Yuki slides back. They both look at each other. The scene is exciting, yet gruesome. Blood- everywhere, sliding down Kyou’s mouth, his lip cut and his face bruised. Yuki, scratches are now seen and his clothes are slightly dirty. They don’t notice, but she does.

“Please…” Tohru begs, “Yuki… stop! Please!”

Her voice seemed far away, distant and soft at where he stood.

He lowered himself a few centimeters, readying himself for another attack.

“Yuki…”—the young girl contained herself— “Kyou…”

Kyou glared, his brows are furrowing and his eyes are burning with passion. They burn of victory- they burn of a desire to win.

Time goes by fast and she holds her breath, forcing her eyes to stay open and see them dash forward. Tear each other, with the intent of hatred, and then…, no longer is it a second-

She sees Kyou fall. He falls and a thump is heard as the dirt of the ground floats in the invisible air.

Tohru then turns her head to Yuki, who stands in the posture of which he defeated Kyou, and breathes- heavily, panting, exhaling. “Miss Honda…” she hears him murmur, as his eyes droop but does not fall completely. Another breath, another pant, and he trudges himself just before her, eyes half open but a smile makes its way up his lips. “I’m sorry… I made you cry,” he whispers apologetically. “But… it was the only way to confirm… who rightfully deserved you. Who could love you...” There was a pausing moment whilst he studied her eyes; for any hatred, sadness, otherwise something negative or pessimistic.

However, what he saw relieved him. Within the gaze of brown crystal orbs… tears streamed down her face; her words repeating on how foolish they both were to do such a thing over her.

He smiled, and as he began to collapse, he pulled the girl in front of him closer— into his arms, and brushed his lips against hers before he felt himself slip into unconsciousness.


Author's Note: Really now... the drabble was too -- how should I put this -- Sappy in my case. Haha, but I really wanted to match the theme and the fighting was pretty cool. Beat up Angst!Kyou for Tohru ^__^

Tags: 30_kisses, fan fiction, furuba, yuki x tohru

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