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g&otp; distance, makubex x kazuki

yay!! I'm now able to write pretty much everything now that I'm on vacation. However, the sad part is that none of my muses want to cooperate except my AsuCaga and KiraCaga.

Hopefully I'll be able to update more otp within the new 3 weeks of break :3

and enjoy reading my g&otp!11! <3 very angsty.

title: distance
rating: pg
pairing/character(s): makubex x kazuki
theme: 4. our distance and that person 「キミとボクのキョリとアノコ」 of 30_kisses

Makubex stares at the whiteness of his computer screen, feels the heat of its electricity and recognizes the essence of someone’s presence. [the other’s presence] even if they are both far away, very far away [physically apart, miles apart; mentally apart, minds never cross]

He knows that the other is there however; [always…]

-standing there
-looking there
-waiting there,

and yet, remains there.

He continues to type, type rapidly and swiftly as if there is no tomorrow. He wonders if he is only doing this to keep his mind from wandering off, lurk far away to another mind. [belong to another person’s mind.]. That someone’s mind. The someone he wants to see again, despite the fact that he knows he won’t.

Makubex, speaks Sakura. He didn’t know it was her who was there, though in a way, he should’ve known better. [what was he hoping for?]

Yes? Makubex continues to type, no heed of pausing.

He won’t come back, she states. he says that he isn’t needed here anymore and you’ll do fine…she trails off, and it irritates him but he understands.

I see. Makubex whispers, his face emotionless as ever. Well, we can’t do anything about it now, can we? [he wants to though, wants to very much]

I’m sorry, she apologizes.

[he feels weird] the feeling of nausea and sickness stirs in his stomach; he feels dizzy and light, though he tries to display a face of stoicism that this information did not effect him. [however it did] it did and it hurts him painfully.

Are you okay—

I’m fine, he hastily replies, though he knows that she knows and he knows that he is not.

They’ll come back soon…I know they will, Sakura tries to assure. Juubei will certainly bring him back.

This does not comfort him. He knows their feelings, their feelings for him. Toshiki and Juubei’s feelings for him. [he feels as if he’s lost]

He feels the distance.

-the distance of feelings
-the distance of heart

his distance and that person.


it's not only their distance,

but the miles that expand and the sky which has no limit.

Makubex stops for a moment and thinks.

[my distance and his].

Tags: 30_kisses, fan fiction, getbackers, makubex x kazuki

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