August 28th, 2006

Zukki // Look at Me

( ̄ー ̄)ニヤ...

To be added, please comment. I won't be checking my 'friend of' list everyday to know who added me to be added back. Also, don't worry about rejection, because I don't usually refuse anyone’s request (unless there are reasons, good reasons, that is) and possibly if you don't follow the criteria I have listed below. Which means before commenting, please read the below list to understand the conditions of being added back ☆

• We share a similar interest, one in fandom and one in shipping.
• You enjoy watching anime, Asian drama, or Asian movies and/or you enjoy reading manga and/or novels.
• You approve of Yaoi – “homosexual relationships between male characters” and Boy’s Love.
• You don’t mind reading rants/incoherent fangirling/abuse of caps lock.

And then there is the “About Me” thing. I enjoy reading everything on my f-list, and I enjoy leaving comments. So if you agree for me to have you on my f-list, sometimes you may receive comments from me (and it may be from your personal entry that I’m able to view or from anything random you posted.) I in return, would like you to leave comments once in a while too not just because I’m a comment whore but because I know that you acknowledge my LJ and we have this mutual thing going on.

Once again, all entries will be f-locked except for icons and older fanfictions. Recent ones will be f-locked after a certain amount of days. This journal also contains drama related works, such as recommendations and all entertainment-related posts may contain spoilers unaware to my attention (to put it simple, sometimes I may forget to warn you incoming spoilers.) Some entries may not be dial-up friendly either, containing perhaps tons of screenshots or a dump of images. Sorry ♥

If you agree to these terms, comment and I'll be happy to add you back (。・_・。)

Friend's Only Banner made by _yukisuki. Do not take without permission.