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La vie en rose.
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16th-Apr-2008 06:11 pm - my brain is made of fail.
crazy pills
My mozilla internetz is going all gobbledy-gookily. Me no likey. 


School, er, classes rather will be over for me at 9:05 p.m. today and my last final will this Monday at 6 p.m. I have to do a powerpoint some time between 6:15 and 7:30 today to add to my group presentation which is due at 7:50 -- b/c none other of my group members will do it -- of course.  I have to do a 10 page paper on the artist I worked with which is due Monday, as well as the second half of a research paper, or Method Paper, also due Monday -- which I am splitting with another classmate.  Originally, this last paper was supposed to be split in three. I am beginning to feel overwhelmed, which is not supposed to happen. I mean, really, I don't have that much work -- most people have a heck of a lot more work. I dunno. I dunno.

Also, what is WITH this weather? It's freaking April! In Miami! Why is it so cold? 

Oooh class is over - must start working on my powerpoint. Tra la la.

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27th-Mar-2008 08:39 pm - Blast from my Past
crazy pills
OH MY GOD.  So, as I got on the Metromover (heretofore know as MM) today, and as the doors start closing, I see my ex. :GAH: I was going to knock on the door and wave, but...I decided I better not. And I also realized that I am no longer attracted to him, which is great because I broke up with him prematurely because of the fact that my mother did not approve him.  I was, thus, left with a lingering feeling of "what if". But now, I can proudly say that I am rid of that feeling.  It lingers no more.  And, WOW his hair has grown SO LONG like almost past his waist. Yowsa.

But onto more important matters.  Tomorrow night is the exhibition reception for Aesthetics and Values 2008... I think I already mentioned that. Anywho...here are some images.

Also, Ultra Musical Festival is this weekend downtown and I could see them setting up from above while on the MM. V.  cool.
& there will be a vintage clothing fair in the Grove this weekend from 11 am to 6 pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

In other news, my brother went on a class trip to Busch Gardens, Tampa and his coach bus got rear ended by another coach bus in their caravan.  They had to wait idly by for three hours until some other buses came to pick them up. Poor baby.

And finally to top with a cherry the drama that has been this afternoon, I received a call from my uncle that my aunt, my late grandmother's sister feel down a flight of stairs and cracked her skull. This happened on Saturday. He calls me TODAY.  I mean I always knew he was the negligent, possessive type of husband but this is an all-time low. No, and to add to this ridiculousness, when the ambulance came to pick up her up today (because she fell yet again) he did not go with them and had no friggin clue where the heck his wife was.  My mother and I had to start calling hospitals frantically to try and figure it out. Thankfully, I found her and my mother is now with her. Unfortunately, she is still in the ER and the Drs. told us that suffered from a stroke. No shit. She fell down a flight of freakin stairs! Anywho, my head hurts a lot right now and if I'm not careful I may just suffer from a stroke. Yikes.

I think I'll go watch a movie or something.

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[ music | R.E.M. - Living Well is the Best Revenge ]
26th-Mar-2008 04:47 pm - It's Magically Delicious
You know I kind of hate "natural" yogurts.  You know, the kind with fruits inside.  Because the yogurt always forms in blobs around the fruit and I can never tell whether I'm eating yogurt-covered fruit or old yogurt.


On another note, the reception for the exhibition that my Honors class is working on will be this Friday from 5 to 8 p.m. in the GL library at FIU in case anyone is interested.  The pieces are pretty sick...and by sick, I mean wicked awesome. Plus! there will be food and you might meet some of the local artists being showcased.  Until then...

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26th-Feb-2008 01:47 pm - This is how Cloverfield started.
crazy pills

Man. FPL sucks.

Power outage turns South Florida dark - 2/26/2008

Florida Power & Light is reporting massive power outages throughout South Florida, including Miami, Doral, Westchester, and Pembroke Pines. Reports of outages extended into Palm Beach, an FPL spokeswoman said.

The company said it was investigating the problem.

We lost power at work. I was writing my essay for class. Yikes. I almost lost it.  Then it came back on, yay! But I get a call from ma Dad saying all of Downtown lost power, plus Coral Gables and Springs. And apparently, Tallahassee and Pembroke Pines, as well.  Freaky.

I wonder what the ef happened.

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[ music | Arctic Monkeys - When the SunGoes Down ] <-- appropriate, ne?

frank, elvis &amp; me
God, I love movies.

[ feeling | anxious ]
[ music  | CAKE - Comfort Eagle ]
As I was checking my friend's page, I saw that one had gone to Chicago and passed by the Museum of Science and Industry, which just happens to be a hop, skip and a jump from my *crosses fingers* future alma mater, University of Chicago.  Apparently, the museum currently has an exhibit of Star Wars and I completely flipped when I found out.  Unfortunately, even if I COULD get my cute little ass over there, the exhibit is completely SOLD OUT. Who knows maybe one of the museums down here will house the exhibit; they did the same for Bodies and King Tut, both of which visited Chicago first. Here's hoping.

Courtesy of [info]grrliz

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27th-Dec-2007 02:38 pm(no subject)
Stole this from Monica who stole it from Michelle:

In 2007 I...
( x) stayed single for the whole year--what else is new?
( ) got your first kiss --
(x) kissed someone new -- omgz. i almost forgot i did this.
( ) kissed in the snow --
(x) celebrated Halloween--
(x) kissed in the rain--
( ) fell in love--
( ) had your heart broken--
( ) broke someone else's heart
( ) had a stalker
( ) mooned someone--lolz. i wish.
( ) went over the minutes on your cell phone--
( ) had a good relationship with someone
( ) suffered through teenage heartbreak--was only a teenager for half the year
( ) someone questioned your sexual orientation
( ) came out of the closet
( ) gotten pregnant
( ) gotten someone else pregnant
( ) had an abortion
( ) gotten married
( ) had a divorce
( ) dated someone you'll never forget--
(x) done something you've regretted -- oodles
( ) lost your true love
( ) lost faith in love
( ) kissed under miseltoe
( ) got a promotion
( x) got a pay raise--YES!
( ) changed jobs
(x) waited until one day before to begin a project--lol. i did that a lto thsi year,
( ) lost your job-- no thank GOD!
( ) quit your job
( ) dated a co-worker
( ) dated your boss' daughter/son
( ) got fired from your job
(x) took an honors/advanced class--honors college
( ) got straight A's--HA! no
(x) met one teacher you really like--met a few
( ) met one teacher you really hated--nope
( ) failed a class
(x) cut class-- oodles
( ) kicked someone in the testicles--not this year
( ) skipped school-- i can't remember
( ) got into a fight with a classmate
( ) did something you were proud of--
( ) discovered a new talent
( ) gave the teachers a reason to teach
(x) proved yourself an idiot -- 2007 was the year of this realization
( ) embarassed yourself in front of the class--
( ) fell in love with a teacher--meh
( ) intentionally tripped someone at school
( ) got lead in the school play
(x) were involved in something you'll never forget--ITALY!!!
( ) painted a picture--
( ) wrote a poem
(x) ran a mile--YES! omg. i am so proud too!
(x) seen a live concert--yeah yeah yeahs, we are scientists, of montreal, flogging molly, kings of leon, erm...
( ) shopped at Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch--dear God, no
( ) posted a blog on MySpace--nope
(x) listened to music you couldn't stand--loads
(x) double-dipped
( ) skinny-dipped-- not this year
( ) went to a sleepover--i slept over lots but i didn't go to A sleepover
(x) went camping --YES!!!!! and i loved it!
( ) threw a surprise party- .... n/c
(x) laughed till you cried--yeah!
( ) laughed till you peed in your pants--lolz. no.
(x ) flirted shamelessly-- ;D
(x) visited a foreign country--Italy
(x) broke in a line of waiting people-- at some of the concerts i was at
(x) volunteered to help out others-erm...
( )visited a new state--nope. a DIFFERENT state, yes. chicago at the beginning of Jan.
(x) told someone you were busy when you werent--yeah sure
( ) partied to celebrate the new year--not yet
( ) cooked a disastrous meal
( ) drove the car drunk
( ) drove a car for the first time
( ) drove a car for the millionth time
( ) lost something important to you--
(x) smoked a cigarette-- yes. D:
( ) got a gift you adore
( ) got 'shit faced' on alcohol
(x) took a nude picture of yourself. yes then i deleted it immediately for fear of breaking my camera...i am not a very pretty nude. D:
( ) almost got arrested.. Arlene almost did. for loitering. lolz.wait, that wasn't this year.
( ) prank called someone
( ) saw a college football game in person--nope
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