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My Fairytale

Jennifer Reyes
2 November
2 fast 2 furious, 2006, 52 metro, afi, alcohol, alice cooper, all american rejects, animals, audioslave, baseball, beer, being in love, being me, benji madden, black sabeth, blink 182, body piercings, boys, boys in eyeliner, brunettes, burning, candles, cats, cheese fries, chester bennington, computers, concerts, cruising, dancing, daniel radcliffe, darkness, dickies, dogs, draco, draco malfoy, drinkin, drinking, dvds, eighty-d, elijah wood, eminem, emo, faeries, fairies, ferrets, fire, flames, foreign exchange students, friends, german, germany, getting mail, good charlotte, green day, gryffindor, guys, guys with lip rings, hanging out with friends, harry potter, harry/draco, hendrix, hogwarts, holding hands, hot guys, hugging, hugs, internet, jennifer lopez, jimi hendrix, johnny depp, junk food, kissing, kraft macaroni and cheese, late-night movies, laughing, laughing until it hurts, linkin park, live concerts, love, ludacris, magic, making out, maroon 5, mcdonalds, milwaukee, money, movies, music, my best friends, night time, no doubt, old music, old school, oldies, parties, partyin, paul walker, photos, piercings, pirates of the caribbean, pretty boys, puddle of mudd, punk, pure blood, ra, radiohead, rock music, rum, saliva, sarcasm, scars, seether, sex, singing, sleep, sleeping, sleepovers, slytherin, smiles, snowboarding, soda, softball, spells, stars, sugarcult, surfing the net, swimming, taco bell, tacos, talking for hours, tattoos, the all american rejects, the darkness, the offspring, the rave, tom felton, trapt, tv, u2, usher, vans, vodka, volleyball, watching too much television, weed, white stripes, yellowcard, zoos, ,