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and I am nothing of a builder,

but here I dreamt I was an architect

innocent vigilant ordinary

Hello there friend!

Final year law student studying a double Law/Arts degree at the University of Western Australia (yes, I hear the cries of "what do you do with a BA in English?). Some people describe me as 'cracked like an egg'. Oh, and I tend to pass off my idiosyncracies and sometimes faltering/bumbling speech as being due to living the majority of my life in Hong Kong... when in reality English is my first language (cheers Dad!) and usually my stunted vocab is due to overloading on nicotine, caffeine and too many sleepless nights caused by Law insanity.

In my free time, I horse ride (PLEASE no jokes about enjoying it a little TOO much - it's been done people) along with the usual awesomeness. I tend to think too much about things which are of little consequence to the present or whiling the hours away with reminescing about days which aren't relevant anymore. I sometimes enjoy a little emotional self-flagellation, but this has been obliterated by the ravages of age.

Capitol 'R' romantic poetry (oh hell, poetry in general!) is my one true love - if you're a fan of Wordsworth, Blake, Byron or Coleridge you're a friend of mine! I love my lads and ladies, but equally I love meeting new people. If a slightly kooky lassie/"wordsmith for the insane" as one person put it appeals to you, please add away! Also, Murakami is GOLDEN (although if someone can explain to me what happened exactly in Kafka on the Shore you will be my BFF forever)

Most of my posts are FRIENDS ONLY . Just ask to be added - and most of the time I'll add back anyway... Leaving my raw thoughts publically available on the internet could only lead to mass suicides or a sharp increase in AA memberships.

Here's an incident which sums me up in a nutshell - I made up a song about an agnostic fish which goes a little something like this:

I wish, I wish, I wish I was an agnostic fish
A fish who lived under the sea, all my friends and me
A fish who didn't think God was omnipotent or omniscient
or the other one I can't remember...OH!
Because I didn't knowww!

Yes, I am insanity incarnate - and I wouldn't have it any other way :)

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