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Jesse Katsopolis' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Jesse Katsopolis

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[18 Dec 2003|06:38pm]
new journal.
13 | every time i try, i know that i can't fly

[17 Dec 2003|01:49pm]
i am upset and i don't even know why.

11 | every time i try, i know that i can't fly

[15 Dec 2003|01:55pm]
note to self:

5 | every time i try, i know that i can't fly

hey all you fellow school mates. [14 Dec 2003|10:27pm]
if you currently attend ceres high school or have attended chs in the past, come join c_c_cer_r_r_res!
and be sure to read the info.
1 | every time i try, i know that i can't fly

[14 Dec 2003|09:49pm]

1. Copy this into your journal if you want
2. The stuff we have in common, put in bold face
3. The stuff we don't? Change it.

What I have in common with anilocobitz:

1. Friday is my favorite day of the week.
2. And most classic rock/rock n' roll.
3. I've never worn glasses.
4. I want to be an actor.
5. I like carrots.
6. Pink is a cool colour.
7. I like to spell colour instead of color.
8. I hate sunlight.
9. I enjoy hearing about gossip at school.
10. Pink Floyd is one of the greatest bands, EVER.
11. Tim Burton movies are the best.
12. I like grammar. I always notice grammatical errors.
13. I like having long hair. It keeps my ears warm.
14. I hope someday I'll find happiness.
15. I'm 5'11".
16. I like to flip open the dictionary and try to find fun and interesting words.
17. I can be pretty sarcastic.
18. My eyes are green.
19. I'm addicted to internet porn.
20. I appreciate satire.
21. Sleeping is a hobby of mine.
22. I hate confrontations.
23. I'm an attention whore.
24. I procrastinate.
25. Killer Klowns From Outer Space is one of the best movies ever made.
26. I've heard my parents having sex on numerous occasions.
27. I can be shy.
28. But some people won't consider me that.
29. Listening to music usually helps my mood.
30. I know some cool people online whom I've never met.
31. Egg nog is mmm mmm tasty.
32. I am the oldest child.
33. I hate The Catcher in the Rye
34. I was obsessed with New Kids On The Block.
35. MTV is cool. But they play crap music. I like their shows.
36. I was born in California.
37. I'm a senior in high school.
38. I'm seventeen.
39. I love classical music.
40. I’d like to travel to as much countries as possible in my lifetime.
41. I'm afraid to die but more afraid to live.
42. I don't understand why people believe in God.
43. I like to read romance novel sex scenes aloud in public places.
44. I hate people who think an expensive car makes a man.
45. It's fun to be immature at times.
46. I'm neither a Republican or Democrat.
47. I've never liked Nirvana.
48. Sometimes I'll be watching a funny tv show and not laugh out loud, but I laugh on the inside.
49. I love colourful pens.
50. Reading boring books is boring.
51. Rainbows are facsinating.
52. I play sports...badly.
53. I know the reason to live.
54. I've never had sex.
55. I hardly wear makeup at all.
56. Same with dresses and skirts.
57. I want to have children someday.
58. I hate grocery shopping.
59. I have a cat.
60. I've never broken a bone before.
61. I like Raspberry Iced Tea.
62. I need to gain weight.
63. Porn is awesome.
64. My dad is in jail.
65. Fortune cookies are tasty.
66. I find joy in telling someone my favorite band is one they've never heard of.
67. I wish I were in elementary school again.
68. Sometimes...I just ramble.
69. I hate hypocrites.
70. I enjoy traveling.
71. I really want to go to a drama school, but I can't decide on how to do it.
72. Waffles > pancakes.
73. Fishing isn't fun.
74. I have a crush on a teacher of mine.
75. I don't like the idea of dating a friend's ex.
76. Yet I have done so before.
77. I enjoy the scent of my own farts.
78. I like hats.
79. Scarves are also very nice.
80. I love reading Shakespeare!
81. I love acting in Shakespeare's plays.
82. I was a fan of Hanson.
83. I'll have major back pains when I am older.
84. I hate sluts.
85. I like older women.
86. My first celebrity crush was John Cusack.
87. I like swinging on swings.
88. Tupac is still alive.
89. I like people with intellectual wit. I love them.
90. I wonder about life after death.
91. Fall is my favorite season.
92. I’m interested in expressionism.
93. I wish I had cooler hair.
94. The Matrix is one of the greatest trilogys ever.
95. I reminisce to myself a lot.
96. I like Greek Mythology.
97. I've never been to New York. But I'm sure I'll love it.
98. High School isn't as fun as people said it was.
99. 3-D glasses are sexy.
100. I have a lot to do, but I just filled out this list.
1 | every time i try, i know that i can't fly

[14 Dec 2003|07:02pm]
holy crap. the Explosions In The Sky album Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever was released on September 10, 2001 and the title of track six is "This plane will crash tomorrow." friggin' wwwwweird.
6 | every time i try, i know that i can't fly

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