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Can't sleep. Weird dream is keeping me up. Little mortified, partly sickened, and can't look at a certain person the same way ever again. Life is awesome that way.
Was bored earlier so I start going through an old list of guys who I thought were attractive. I came across one name that stuck out cause I don't remember who he was. Dominic Cooper. So I typed up his name onto yahoo and looked at some pictures. I remember why I thought how hot he was again. Played in Mama Mia!, The Duchess, Sense and Sensibility, and a few other films.. Also has an awesome ass. Seriously, an adorable bubble butt with an adorable smile. So I thought I should share what I saw. Pics to demonstrate.

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Writer's Block: All Broken Up

Have you ever had a bad break-up with a significant other? How did you handle it?
Not very well would be my answer. Lol. Always heart broken or pissed. Then my vindictive side kicks in and sanity takes the backseat of the ride. The bright side is that I didn't get arrested for a few of them. But doesn't change the fact that I was hurt during those times. Me being me, I pretended like I didn't hurt on the outside cause then I'd get all the half hearted "Are you ok?" question from people who genuinely didn't really care.
Saw the recap of the MTV movie awards. Amazingly Twilight won quite a few awards. Though a few doesn't work for me seeing how Kristen Steward got best female actress. I dunno. She looked pretty high while filming. Whatever. I wonder what is everyone else's opinion on the results.
Took my cousin out to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate his first seat in his school's orchestra. He had a Pasta Cabonera with a Cafe Mocha, his sister had a pasta marinara with a raspberry lemonade, and I had a chicken sandwich with a peach smoothie. It was all good and ate off of each other's plates. Did a lil looking around at the water tower after. Then we started to make our way home. Half way there, my aunt called to see if we were nearby so we can go do a lil shopping together. So we did. Just got home and everyone else is doing their thing. I'm somewhat tired. Didn't get much sleep last night. So yups. I'll do a lil reading then start on dinner soon. That'll be that.

May. 28th, 2009

Today was mostly a lazy day for me to catch up on my rest and tidy things up around the house. Only real thing I had to do was go attend my cousin's recital. It was probably the worst thing that happened today. Many songs I loved such as Over the Rainbow, Danny Boy, and dozen of others was hit by a car, took a couple swings from an aluminum bat, and defecated on to top it off. It was nerve wrecking to listen to Kelly's Chorus killing beloved songs. My cousin's orchestra group did quite well despite the tasteless choice of songs. Seriously? Batman theme song? Lame. Least they could of done was Ode to Joy. But he performed well. There was one band after his but we decided that we've taken enough beating for one night and went home. So yups. That was me day. Now I plan for tomorrow's Jensen movie day at Amanda's. :P Will interesting to say the least. Lol.

May. 27th, 2009

I am sooo exhausted today for some reason and walking around Chicago in my boots didn't exactly help. Me and Arika went to apply at Warden Books over by Union Station and a few other places I forget. After Union Station we decided to go to the zoo. We joked about Jared's penis as we rode the bus there. Was hilarious. But the people around us was like "WTF?! These people are crazy bitches." Saw a couple of cute guys. After the reptile house we decided to use the almighty coin to decided whether to have sushi or portillos. Coin decided portillos. Arika had a cheese burger, me with a chicken parmesan with garlic bread. Was really nice but realized half way how full I was. I manage to eat most of the past and the bread. Chicken sorta not so much.

We went over to the library next. Arika got a few books and I helped my brother get one for his class. After that we went our different ways home, tired and exhasted. I got home around 6ish I think. I tossed my brother his book and told everyone in the house that I'm dead until further noticed then changed and died in bed. Got up around 10 to get food. Took me a while to get up too. After eating, me feels satisfied to go back to bed. So yups. Now I'm dead until further notice everyone. ;)

Cold cold day...

Wells today was a pretty cold day. Woke up around 9ish and showered to get ready for the day. I went out to get a box and the postage sticker thing to write Alex's address. I taped up the box and sent him 2 boxes of cereals and a whole bunch of candies. Lol. We're interchanging snacks of each of our countries. Well technically he doesn't want me to buy the Chocolates off the internet cause its English Chocolates and he's English. So as my boyfriend, it is his duty to get it to me and my friends. Had argued about this with him before and let him win. After getting the box all ready and filled out the custom forms, I just watched more of Tudors and Buzzcocks.

So around 1ish I left home to go post the stuff and meet up with Arika at 2. I got to the downtown post at 1:30 but there was a long que so I waited for my turn. I was worried when it was almost 1:50 and there was people in front of me still. Thankfully, 2 new people came and open 2 windows which sped it up and I got out as soon as I could. I got to Roosevelt at precisely 2:04 which is so awesome cause its not really late and I already saw Arika waiting. Seeing how uncomfortable Arika was, we decided to head over to her place so she can have a change of an outfit. On the Kedzie bus we watch Buzzcocks as we rode to her home. Saw her mom and brother as she change. Lol which is funny. Arika's room is soooo much like my brother's room. Clothes everywhere lol.

We did decide on going to Wicker Park and get sushi. However, since I had nothing but tea, my hunger set in and my body demanded food. We were in Downtown still but not too far in, so I said to go get Giordono's. Arika agreed. Lol We were really starved more than we realize. Cause we barely talked when we ate. Haha. For the most part we just ate and watched the TV that was near us. After have a few slices of pizza in us, we were much better and talkative mood, we started joking around more.

Stuff and content after eating, we decide to head over to the Water Tower and Borders to walk off some of our food. We went through each floor somewhat thoroughly and when we got to the 6th, we were back to our normal selves. Took the elevator down and head over to Borders since Arika wanted to get a few books. After some time and a lot Arika going "Aw" at kitty books, we began making our way home in the cold dark Chicago night. Lol. I got off Halsted and saw a 8 bus coming and hopped on that home. Since then, I just been resting and watching more Russel Brand and Buzzcocks. Pretty great day despite the chilling weather. Lol.

Sparkling good

So today was the first time me and Amanda hung out with each other 1 on 1. It was a lot of fun. We met up at Lake and went to the mall on Michigan like I would always do for lunch. We had Potbelly's sandwiches, both of us had turkey, then some fries and drinks from Relish. We chose the spot right next to the butler and chatted for like an hour about various of stuff. Then we went to grab some snacks at Walgreens and then to our movie.

Confessions of a Shopaholic was a lot more fun than I expected it to be. Lots of great laughs but debatable outfits were seen in the movie. It would be a movie I'd like to see again. The ending part where Luke took out her scarf brought a tear to my eye even though I knew it was going to happen. It was a really great timing in the movie. So I heart the movie. Also the lead actor Hugh Dancy was sooooo hawt. But its agreed now that Hugh Dancy Amanda's hubby with no questions asked. So it would come out like this: Arika has full dibs on Daniel Radcliff (Eww....), I have my Robert Pattinson, and Amanda will have Hugh Dancy. Everyone has claim to one English boy. Haha.

After the movie, we went on our way to Target on Roosevelt cause Amanda wanted to get some gift for her mother's birthday. I didn't mind so off we went on out lil journey with a lot of jokes and comments on the movie and more random thingies. We found some nice stuff and a couple of dvds for Amanda's mom. Look around thoroughly too. Lol. Since Amanda wasn't feeling 100% well, we called it a day and began heading home. She showed me some of my hubby's singing. And wells... I had another fangirl moment.. Sighs.... I think I have too much of a fangirl moment when it involves Robert these days.

Wells now I'm starting to get into Tudors. Technically, not really getting into it since I already like it. Its just that I'm beginning to watch it and so Arika and Amanda has a new person to gossip about how hot the actor is. Lol. I need to talk to Alex some more about stuff and his coming back to Chicago thing. So many things to do yet so lil time. I also can't wait till Amanda sends me Robert's songs. (insert a fangirl squee here) Lol. So yeah... That's my day so far.

Been an alright kind of day

I got out of class extra early today and didn't felt like going home so I hung around downtown for the most part. It was really smart of me to packed a novel in case I was bored and it did came in handy. Today I was to meet up with Arika and Amanda to hang out but it wasn't till like 3:30. So I had 3 hours to kill. As soon as I put away my books at school, I got on the Orange line and went over to Argos on Randolph to chill there for the msot part. I ordered a vanilla chai tea with a cream filled mini croisssants and sat and read my book/talk to Alex via my phone the entire time. Although Alex is all the way in England and I missed him physically, it doesn't seem like we're that much apart from each other. Every moment the both of us are awake, we spend it chatting with each other and I do love making the boy smile. It could may very well be love. Lol

Now I just got home not too long ago. Was out with Arika and Amanda again and like always, it was full of laughing and joking. I love hanging out with them because of that. I introduced Saint Alps to Amanda today after I did with Arika a few days before. She ordered the Almond milk tea like me, so awesome. At first she looked a bit curious about the tea, but after one whiff and taste, she was sold. And now she is a fan of the tea house. Yay! Tonight was a bit different since I didn't really know what to get and neither did Amanda, so we took hella long time for it. Lol. Amanda decided to try the orange chicken and me I had a rice bowl with beef with seaweed strips on top, egg, broccoli, and corn. It was awesome and everyone else enjoyed their food too.

Before the tea house, we tried to go to the Chicago Cultural museum, but it was closed which was why we went to the tea house. We talked about the Oscars last night, how Robert P. attempted to avoid the cameras and how awkward he was talking on stage. It was all around great fun.