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A lot has changed for me in the last several years.  To be honest... the last few years really sucked there for awhile.  I'm in a wonderful place in my life now BUT i'm a stay at home spouse.  So this gives me the perfect opportunity to start back up here.  I'll update with my life story here soon.

First things first, though. For any of my remaining friends on here, can you do me 2 favors?

1) can you recommend LJ friends of yours or friend finding communities so i can get started back up?

2) give me a short rundown of yourself in the comments! Name,  age,  job,  hobbies,  where you live,  etc. Anything you feel comfortable with sharing so we can catch up and get to know each other again 😊


Weigh in

Of course, I have something to say about the Paris attack.

It pains me to live in a world filled with so much hate. Where the media controls our minds and makes us believe anything.

There were plenty of other attacks in the world in the past week but the media focuses on Isis and their attack on Paris. 

My Facebook news feed is filled with Muslim hating bigots. What people have to realize is that Muslims also hates Isis. That we need to band together and hates Isis together, not Muslims. I feel terrible for the kind Muslims in the world, how people use September 11th as a reason to hate all of them.

I hate the fact that I work for the United States government. I feel as if I am literally sitting back and watching a war about to happen, just watching it unfold before my eyes, fueled by the media and the zombies who watch and believe the lies. Whether people want to believe it or not, this is yet another religious war. Christians against Muslims. Thank goodness the government can use that to their advantage.

I have friends who are Muslim. Islam is so extremely close to the Christian religion. From the Bible to the Quran. Muslims have the same ideologies as Christians, be good to others, live a good life, spread the word of our God. Of course many Christians want to believe that all Muslims live as extremist, that all Muslims are jihadi. People need to understand that this is the same thing as the Westboro Baptist Church. I don't believe that many Christians want to accept the Westboro Church as their religion. People need to educate themselves.

A terrible thing happened in Paris yesterday, and lots of people lost their lives this week. We are all the same race, the human race. We need to stand together. For Paris, for Beirut and the people affected by those bombings, for the earthquake victims in Japan,  for the bombing at the funeral in Baghdad, for all the refugees who want to escape terror but are being blamed. Pray for the world.

"This issue, of course, isn’t unique to Islam. The Ku Klux Klan burns crosses and preaches hate in the name of Jesus Christ, and the ostensibly Christian “Lord’s Resistance Army” regularly ravages villages and recruits child soldiers in Western Africa. Hindu extremists burned mosques and sparked violence in India in the 1990s. Buddhist extremists exist, and are spewing hatred in several parts of Asia. But in all of these cases, the vast majority of believers worked or are working to disavow the actions of fanatics and preserve the core, peaceful principles of their faith — just as Muslims are now doing with ISIS."

War war war

I can't help but feel like we are about to enter into World War 3. Russia has all this suspicious activity going on, US is moving mass shipments of warfare equipment across Europe, and everyone in the National Guard at my base was just forced to sign on mobilization letter, which means we're acknowledging that we could be mobilized at any point in time. Supposedly we have always had forms like this but I don't understand how I've been in this long and have never seen one. It is something that is pretty new to everyone. And I'm not going to lie, I slightly feel as if the whole Mike Brown things is a huge distraction from everyone right now. The media has certainly turned everyone against each other on the topic of race , but that is just the conspiracy theorist in me talking...

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Does anyone know how to add an account on here? I have a word press blog, and I would like to add that account to my LJ so when I post to WordPress, my post will show in LJ.

Any ideas?


I'm a very big fan of Roy Lichtenstein, so I tried recreating his art in the form of a costume. I had seen it done in the past and wanted to give it a shot.

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A all my fish are dying. 6 in the last two days. I'm pretty upset about it. I tested all the water levels and everything keeps coming up fine.

This is my first tank, does anyone know what it could be? If the water is fine... it's gotta be some sort of contagious disease. That's the only thing I can think.

I looked up ich, and it's a possibility, but not all the fish had white speckles.

Any thoughts?

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I know I have been on an easily predicted LJ hiatus, I usually do this every few months for the past year. So yes, it's about that time again when your inbox's fill with overloads of LJ comments from me. Sorry. I just like catching up with everyone's lives.

I have friends on here who I don't really know as much as I would like, and that of course means you know just as much about me... which prompts me to want to make another "About me" update.

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4 day weekend. One of the few perks of being a government employee.

And even better, nothing planned except for relaxing. Yaaay.

I've opened a senior citizen home, for the canine type only.
Meet scooby and Gage.

Gage is 13. She was an owner surrender. They were moving and simply didn't want to take her. I asked why and they said "well she's 13, and she isn't breeding anymore."
They even had an appointment to put her down. I hate them.

Scooby is 9. His owner was also moving. I asked her her situation and she said she was in the run. She continued to tell me that her estranged husband beat her (it was visible) and she was living with friend to friend and was being placed in a battered womens home and she couldn't take him. She was hysterical and it made me tear up when she was hugging him and cried "this is all my fault, I'm so sorry. You'll always be my best friend."

This was one of the few times I actually felt bad. She didn't want to give him up, but had to. This doesn't happen often.

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