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New LJ. Fuck this old shit. If you're already on my lj friends list you can read my journal, I'm not making it friends only until I know I can fershure be on for a while...

<3 The Whore :)


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I deleted everyone off of my Friends list. So if you want on, add me first and I'll add you back <3

1. I wanna know who's reading my journal <3
2. Cuz I'm a fucking bitch <3
3. I write about personal things, and I post pictures that most of you won't like <3
4. Cuz most of the people who read this aren't my friends, they just think I'm a whore <3
5. And again, I said so <3

Comment, Lushes :o*

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Its times like these when you find out who your true friends are.

Let's say. Fuck you all : )

Comment. But if your gunna start a buncha drama, don't comment cuz I'ma delete the comment anyways : D

Have a great fucking day.

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Guess who's on Soccer. Oh, yah shitheads its me. I'm sore and hurting from it. AND THE TWO TIMES WE PLAY WLW, ITS AT WESTERN! WOO!! yess, All you ho's can come and see me! If you're gunna see me play, leave a notesy!

722 7275



xx breakmy h3art

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Wellllllllll, let's start out by saying.

FIRST HOUR I DID MY WORK! =O! Surprising, I know.

Second Hour. Skipped with Tiffer, walked to the gas station. Yah, you know. Got my cheeeeeeeeeeesy popcorn<333333. Talked to my beffie, walked back to school...paid her back <3 Chilled in the second floor bathrooms! : )

Third Hour. Walked with Steph && Alycia to class, you know how we do. Gave Daniella a little advice ; ). Uhm, I hate class, but we played volleyball. I still have a mean ass over hand serve, WHAT WHAT!

Fourth hour. OMFG! Amanda was high on something she was telling me how sweet I was && how mush she loved me. It was great. She was hilarious. Hitting on Tim McCaffery! LMFAO! It was dooo funny. Me, Georgia && Ashley were dyin'.

Fifth Hour. My fucking cheese popcorn got aten >:O I got Detention for being a smart ass, but it was funny as hell. So then Brooklyn joined in, lmfao. She got one too : ) Fucker ass ho<33

Sixth Hour. Me && Chris Worthey<3 Slept.

After school, I saw Terry.

Me- "Terry, You're so fucking hot."
Terry- "Thanks, You're fucking hot too"

I saw Scottie, Bobby, && Simon in Scottie's car, && Simon asked me how much. lmfao. I love him, he's the cutest little Mexican boy ever (lmfao Tiffer =])

COmment, sluts.

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Well, last night I went to Ashley's in Walled Lake, I guess me && her are cool, whatever, met this Richard kid, he's mixed && was hitting on me, kinda scary. Went home, did dishes, went to bed. Woke up at regular time && got ready, went to Tiffers, woke her up, dicked around on the computer until I had to go to school. Went to school, did work, skipped 2nd hour, in the bathroom, went to 3rd hour, got pissed >:|, fourth hour was great--Corey had my scarf && coat on :), Lunch was gay, (( Tiffi, Sam, && Leasie skipped 4th hour )), skipped 5th hour && walked home with Tiffer, got home as soon as school ended, then we chilled, ate, && I talked to Chris online, lmfao. Good times! Chelly came over, && mom brought me home, fed my sister, && my mom let me on.

Fuck my feet they stink so bad! >:|!!!