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i woke up at 3 today. i would have slept more if my mom hadnt come into my room screaming wake up bean head

(bean head??)

i was already 1/2 awake anyways but i thought i was in trouble so i ran out of my room and i was like holy crap whatd i do!? and shes like nothing you just need to wake up...

that whore!
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Life, is floating fast away.
But I look, your head is turned away.

From the moment you left I knew that something wasn't right.
But the feeling inside has kept me up all night.

You and me are like one heart-beat.

So slice open my veins.
And let, the romance bleed away.

Back into I thought I knew, these words inside me, tell me what to do.
My heart held, in the palm of your hand.
(Forget my name)Now I know, the way to go, this place inside my demented mind.
(Forget my name)You saw me bleeding on the bathroom floor.
(Forget my name)This time in silence, this time I win.
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today was an amazingly good day. it might have been the 4AM shower...i dont know but either way i LOVED it soOo much! my mom knew something was up when i was skipping to the car on the way to the bus stop. and then at the bus stop i did a cartwheel. quite the fun time.

but yeah. i didnt really do anything exciting today except for the shower and listening to non stop Senses Fail (♥♥♥). that must be it. oh well. im still happy and i wanna see napoleon dynamite today.

k well thats it i guess..................................
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new layout. its not that much different but its not just plain black.

i love it!
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im debating on whether to make a new journal or not. i have no reason to and im not tired of the username its just that random comments from random people piss me off. maybe i should just make it friends only...... oh well. anyways

thanks to chong i have
glasseater- everythings beautiful when you dont look down
silverstein- when broken is easily fixed

and thanks to me bj guerra has
the misfits- american psycho


i had fucking balls today! (not literally) i did the most incredible most ball needing thing in the world. i..francis....wore.....a SKIRT. and not just ANY skirt...........a HOLLISTER SKIRT!!!! it was all my moms fucking idea! GOOSH!

but anyways today was very funny cause i was laughing at everybodys reactions to me wearing a skirt. they varied but they were all quite funny.

anyways since i havent really been updating on how im doing im just telling you guys that im fine nothings wrong with me and im always free to hang out!
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i am so 7 cds richer (and 99.45 poorer)

Bouncing Souls/Anti-Flag Split CD
From Autumn To Ashes- The Fiction We Live
Senses Fail- Let It Enfold You
The Misfits- American Psycho
Thrice- The Illusion Of Safety
My Chemical Romance- Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
Converge- Jane Doe

wow thats gonna be a good time!
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which cd's should i get tomorrow cause i wanna be in and out of best buy so far ive got

senses fail
the casualties
taking back sunday
from autumn to ashes
converge *EVALYN!*
new found glory
the misfits
rise against
bouncing souls
mindless self indulgence
my chemical romance
matchbook romance



what OTHER cd's should i get. aside from the ones on the list.
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