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okay guys i might need your moral support on this.

i wanna be a vegan when i get older like full on by the time im 24. im 15 now so that gives me some time.

but i first im becoming a vegetarian. ill need help with like...what and what not to eat cause they have like....hidden animal shits in the stuff..

im starting on new years eve.

so like. if anybodys got any meal ideas or websites where i can find out more about vegetarian/veganism it will be appreciated.
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oh look at me with my LJ cuts!!!Collapse )

anyways i havent really updated on my FEELINGS or EVENTS or anything. so here goes--

lately in the AM ive been feeling really good with the exception of thursday for some odd reason. today was back to normal though.

i think i like somebody but i dont know. somebody else likes him and i dont wanna be selfish or whatever. i think ill just back off.

quote of the day:

ive never met a white black person

-bentons way rad friend alex.

and im SPENT.
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guess what yall!

im back sukkahs!

yeah i was gone for like an effing WEEK cause on sunday my mother caught me up at 2 in the AM watching tv and she started wigging out and WUTEVER! so yeah.

but im back so its all good!

k bye.
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okay we thought that my conversation with my mom from last week was ridiculous check this one out

my mom: get dressed
me: why
mom: we're going to brandsmart
me: why
mom: because your father bought a 3000 dollar TV and we have to pick out a nice stand for it
me: umm....why did he do that?
mom: i dont know
me: whatever happened to us pinching pennies?
mom: shut up get dressed

so like we come home all eternity and a day later with a 3000 dollar flat screen hdtv or whatever like 50 or 60 something inches a freaking new surround sound and a stand for the damn tv and a dvd player for my room....


talk about effing insane!
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