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goodness today was quite the entertaining day when i left again.

i hung out with gregory and we went to shell and i got a one liter orange fantana and he tried getting a french vanilla i dont know what but only water came out :( so he got milk (ew) and cookies (ew!) then we were being cool and sat on the corner

then we were gonna go to books a million to see if his book order came in but these two WASTED ladies stopped us and asked us if we knew about cars. we said no then she asked if either of us sounded like a man (and of course greg did) so we went through this whole like 20 minute thing where one lady was trying to convince her husband that she was in wellington and her car broke down or SOME SHIT i dont know. but greg said his name was george and his dad is a mechanic (" ") and in the end he got 30 bucks from them.


and then we went to publix and he applied for a job and i saw raul and talked to him for a little bit and then we saw josh and kyle and chris and ben and kirstin and that was a (cough) good time

and then we parted and i came home and now im eating sunflower seeds again (YUMMY) and drinking water (YUMMY)


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