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yesterday me and my mother were listening to this supremely rad radio station down in miami (88.5 if any of you are down there)

anyways we were listening to bad religion pully the living end sum 41 etc. then one song came on and my mom was like... francis i dont like this. this is depressing. and i said. mother. thats dashboard confessional. you now know what relatively emo music is and youve been struck by it. then she changed the station

then she came back to it and they played a little part of from autumn to ashes- the after dinner payback and i started singing along to it and then some random lady goes YOU LIKE THAT!? and i go YES NOW PUT IT BACK ON!! then she played a part of another song then she played avenged sevenfold. i was ANGRY at her.

anyways that was the most pointless post ever but i found that to be quite funny

oh and look at the cell phone im getting ya'll.

and feel free to tell me if you know of any good cingular plans cause from what ive seen so far they all BLOW ASS.

and i wanna see primal fear again.

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