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xSubliminalEyesx (4:51:25 PM): u kno what u r a bitch!
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:51:31 PM): im sorry to hear that
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:51:32 PM): bye
xSubliminalEyesx (4:51:45 PM): u were the 1 who lyed 2 me not the other way around!
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:51:52 PM): um k whatever i dont really care
xSubliminalEyesx (4:52:34 PM): i dont kno what fucking jumped up ur ass....b/c u kno what wen i ask ppl if they kno u they r lyk well she was cool then changed u might want 2 get ur shit 2 gether
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:53:16 PM): well at least when you ask people about me they dont say im a drama whore and that nobody likes me cause i start so much shit
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:53:21 PM): not too many people like you
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:53:23 PM): sorry to tell you
xSubliminalEyesx (4:53:56 PM): hmmm wen they say that they must b thinking bout u.... y did u ly bout hookin up w/ hunter?!?
xSubliminalEyesx (4:54:03 PM): he has had a g/f!
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:54:07 PM): who the hell hooked up with hunter?
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:54:09 PM): i know i didnt
xSubliminalEyesx (4:54:18 PM): r u that fucking desperare?!?!
xSubliminalEyesx (4:54:26 PM): *desprate
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:54:29 PM): thats what we were saying about steven shock
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:54:46 PM): when he liked you
xSubliminalEyesx (4:55:08 PM): what about him? he has a g/f wat u wanna hook up w/ him 2?? he NEVER lyked me!
xSubliminalEyesx (4:55:19 PM): dude u kno what i feel so bad 4 u!
xSubliminalEyesx (4:55:28 PM): why did u ly about givin daniel his sn?
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:55:31 PM): hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
xSubliminalEyesx (4:55:33 PM): it got him mad at me
xSubliminalEyesx (4:55:42 PM): y wud u do that?!?
xSubliminalEyesx (4:55:48 PM): just 4 a laugh?!
xSubliminalEyesx (4:55:56 PM): news flash u started the drama!
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:56:01 PM): why do you even care
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:56:04 PM): everyones over it now
xSubliminalEyesx (4:56:08 PM): i just asked about it
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:56:10 PM): i was over it 10 minutes after it happened
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:56:16 PM): i just dont wanna be you guys's friends
xSubliminalEyesx (4:56:31 PM): point is u lyed 2 me!
xSubliminalEyesx (4:56:43 PM): nd made it look lyk i was starting drama!
xSubliminalEyesx (4:56:55 PM): wen u were all b/c u fucking lied1
xSubliminalEyesx (4:56:58 PM): *!
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:57:06 PM): if you could see my face you would see how much i DONT care right now
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:57:43 PM): fuck right now...ever
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:57:48 PM): cause i dont need your bullshit
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:57:52 PM): its just a stupid screen name
xSubliminalEyesx (4:57:56 PM): w/e good 4 u im so glad im not friends w/ a fucking selfish ego maniac! get over ur self!
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:57:57 PM): and your the one whos all bitching about it
xSubliminalEyesx (4:58:09 PM): no im not u almost made me loose a good friend
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:58:10 PM): and yeah i must admit that i did tell him it i just didnt remember cause he told me he already HAD it
xSubliminalEyesx (4:58:15 PM): all b/c u fuclking lied
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:58:22 PM): whos that good friend?
xSubliminalEyesx (4:58:28 PM): steven.....
xSubliminalEyesx (4:58:29 PM): not
xSubliminalEyesx (4:58:30 PM): u
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:58:43 PM): selfish ego maniac
xSubliminalEyesx (4:58:53 PM): wow u just caught on?
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:58:59 PM): im not the one who wears little preppy whore suits and trys to get everyone to say im beautiful
xSubliminalEyesx (4:59:21 PM): o yea lyk i care? no u want every1 2 say ur beautiful!
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:59:25 PM): um no i dont
xSubliminalEyesx (4:59:27 PM): i agree imnot i kjno im not!
xSubliminalEyesx (4:59:30 PM): ummm yea u do
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:59:33 PM): which is why i dont wear tight clothes exposing everything i DONT have
oOo KissMeIm sXe (4:59:47 PM): ugh your so STUID!
xSubliminalEyesx (4:59:48 PM): i reallly cudnt giv a flying shit wat u think

(then i blocked her while she was still typing)

today is still a good day despite all the drama whores and skanks and hurricanes and shit...

fuck hurricanes. fuck whores!

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