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what a bad week man.

1.hunters been gone for forever so im mad.

2.my baby broke. and im on a never ending quest to kill the sun for doing it.

3.i almost got ranned (yes bitch RANNED) over today like.....1/2 an hour ago.

okay so this is what happened.

i was on a really long bike ride with emily and we were bonding and what not blah blah blah.

but toward the end of it i switched sides of the road cause i didnt want all the damn gnats on me like yesterday but emily was still on the other side.

well i was very bored on my side of the road so i decided to switch sides right in front of the shores entrance and there were like....3 cars turning into the shores so i went to cross.

and this dude keeps going straight (obviously didnt turn into the shores) and i was like at the very end of crossing the road and screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech


there goes my back tire. it is TOTALLED like fxcking CRAZY. i had to DRAG the bike home.

me? im completely fine... i mean YEAH i fell and got a bruise but...i was able to drag the bike home and talk to emily about stuff.

i just found that very funny.

oh yeah and i cannot forget dave and all his emoness. he is the coolest punk rock emo kid in the whole damn gym and hes got a LEGO watch! i broke it and fixed it like...........50 times....soOo punk rock. and we're gym buddies and we're married and he drew me a picture of cosmo (from f.o.p.) saying i love you francis. gah! i love it!


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