August 19th, 2004

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Under the killing moon
Under this burning sky
The fire's shining groom
I hold my breath and close my eyes

The blood on our black gloves
It is none of your concern
If you want to call our bluff
Get in line and wait your turn
And watch the witches burn

great ass mutha fukkin' song dawg.


i dont really have anything to say except a few key things

-hunter STILL hasnt shown up at school so im moving on to that hott dude that always looks at me and passes by alot....cause hes hott

-i need to start dressing like a girl...but no skirts though cause i ABHOR my legs...thighs.

-its hard to believe that im actually acting like a shy introvert at school....everybody knows im not ACTUALLY like that.

-i miss my friendssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!


(and evan....i SoOo love you more! dont even TRY that!)
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    Thrice- Under A Killing Moon