August 1st, 2004


yesterday was warped tour. and i had the most fun i have EVER had. i didnt know that anti flag, the casualties, from autumn to ashes, flogging molly, and rise against rocked so damn much! (tell me if i missed any!) and i REALLY enjoyed the company of ALL the people that i was with and saw. it was just an all around great time and im DEFINITELY doing it again. and jakki darling...where can i get that never come off make up of yours cause all the make up i had came off due to me out!

anyways...i also saw coheed and cambria where i nearly died. cause we were ALL the way at the front. i had to get out however cause i couldnt take it. and we saw yellowcard, new found glory, international noise conspiracy, story of the year. they were all really good too. yc had to crank up there damn speakers though. their sound SUCKED.

and i got a picture with the bassist of anti-flag. he the love!

and i took ALOT of pictures of the casualties and from autumn to ashes but of course NOTHING works out and the films got fucked up. i got some GREAT ass pictures too. i was So0o close to the stage! there just the crowd of moshers in front of us.....hott moshers at that too!

it was generally a good time great crowd great music.... but ive got to go eat breakfast. so see ya!
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