June 24th, 2004

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...got new contacts..getting new glasses...

hung out with emily..went to the pub of lix and mart of wal*

while at publix i saw the HOTTEST guy who works there...left and went to wal*mart..saw some girl stick a box of face wipes in a little boys face (great times emily)

then went back to publix and saw him again and applied for a job....it was fun...emily kept pushing me out of the way and fucking everything up....hilariousness....but yes i applied for a job BECAUSE he was so hott...and i wanna get out of coldstone....

..i think his name is chris...but when i looked at his ID from afar i read david...me and my distorted vision

saw danielle, and andrew, and mike, and i think dan but im not sure too...and kevin while i was waiting at the light... <33

good day

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