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I pop my collar like its hot!!!


10 July
::all about this girly girl::
♥My names Kristin.
♥I love Laguna Beach!
♥Im 14
♥I Love being preppy.[[heels,perls,ribbons,diamonds,flip-flops,minis,make-up,popped collars,ripped jeans,]]
♥I think Teddy Geiger, Travis Barker, and Keith Urban are soo hot!
♥Kristin Cavallari and Jessica Simpson are my idols.
&heart;Cheerleading, volleyball, and singing are life.
♥Shopping is a sport!

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::Communities you should join::

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♥ The Best community for graphics! It is so hot!
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Iamabercrombiex JOIN!

We only accept the best and reject the rest.

♥elegance___ for the layout.
♥Killmewith1kiss for the Mtb icons.

♥Uptownbeauty_x for the banner in userinfo!