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(no subject) [Sep. 26th, 2004|04:37 pm]
[mood |okayokay]
[music |a whole new world (Aladdin)]

Today was yet another day of shopping with the wonderful Arielle Madden. This weekend has been so exhausting with shopping. I HATE IT. how did i ever love to shop? i now officially am discusted by it. I did kinda find a dress that i liked, light blue so i can be Jazmine for homecomming but i'm not loving it so i don't know we'll see. Funniest thing happened today though, this random guy stopped me and Arielle and well, he was like 30 lol. he was so sketch.hehe. Friday's game was boring until it ended lol. It was so fun to see a movie! i can't even tell you how much i have missed seeing movies. The movie was kinda weird though oh well. Arielle and i went shopping yesterday also and that was way more fun! until we saw Ally (a girl from valley) grr. Dude there's a pizza place called VILLA PIZZA wow that really made my day lol it was the coolest. well the drive home was long and we were both exhausted but we promised Trent we would go to his game so we did and i saw Andy and Billy. That was cool i haven't got to talk to them for a while. After the game Arielle and i raced to my house cuz we were late to shayla's pty. OMG i had soooooo sososososo much fun at Shay's! i love dance parties. Katie we are amazing! hehe. BT i am going to have that down by homecomming!!!! lol well i shall leave you with this...

They might not need me;

but they might

I'll let my head stay just in sight

A smile as small as mine might be

Precisely their necessity.

                   ~Emily Dickinson



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(no subject) [Sep. 19th, 2004|11:53 am]

Happy Birthday Chelsea!!!!!!


Well school has been a little crazy for the past week or so... Volleyball, Dancing, parties, football games, chillin with friends, well i guess that's life for ya. Yesterday was one of the longest days of my life! 6:00 wake up...5 matches...go home shower and get ready to PARTY!!! it was so fun to see those friends outside of school we had a blast. and dude the miss america pageant was so screwed up! there is no way alabama won she is HIDEOUS!!!! Louisianna was so much better!!! ugh anyways it was another night of Halo for the boys and another night of us girls chillin it was fun...well as of right now i don't have anything more to say so later.

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(no subject) [Sep. 4th, 2004|01:30 pm]
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |on the way down]

So yeah last saturday i went out to lunch with my boys(Nick Daniel John and Jeff) it was pretty hilarious i would have to say. so yeah we chilled for a while. umm this week...STUNK. i'm sorry to everyone who had to put up with me..i def wasnt at my best! until last night. dude Gila Bend! haha. Jenny Leigh and i had some pretty good talks on the way up there...and when we got there who else would we meet but PAUL BRUCH and THOMAS SLAGER!!!!! woah! it was so fun! the grass was gross but it's all good. quoting Dane Cook made my night! ahaha Christ chex bahahaha...come get your yum yums...i brought snacks!!!!! good times good times...Thomas, let me see your tootsie roll!!! haha. other than the fact that there was dust everywhere and i couldn't see out of my right eye lol it was great. Arielle, that weird guy....ahahahaha i love you babe! well i don't have time to go into much more detail...Kyle, Will, Rich and some others scored..Jordan got some awesome tackles...yeah later kids.

xox villa de villa (in honor of Paul)


P.S. I'm goin dancing tonight!!!!! yes!

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Retreat '04 baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Aug. 29th, 2004|10:28 am]
well this second week of school RULED!!!!! omg it was crazy, after i got over being stressed out....lol. So i went to retreat a day early (tuesday) cuz of worship team. that was so fun. Afton Leigh Dez Matt and I drove up with Mr. Desmarchais after vball and football practice was over...we got there and all the other kids were foolin around in the gym and stuff and they all came to greet us (more like jump on us lol). So we sang for a while (not worship songs we just goofed off) and then we went up to ridgecrest and ate donuts and chex mix (afton you are hilarious) and chips and all that great stuff....and then just guess wat we did...............................................DANE COOK ahahahahahaha. That was the best part! ok it was so funny the first time we all quoted it (at the chorale retreat) but with Jake there...i was on the floor laughing!!! good times good times. so after the boys left we "went to bed" lol yeah right!!! if the boys were gonna stay up all night and make a fort with OUR mattresses we were def gonna have girl talks! lol that was so incredible! we had some great bonding time. so umm knowing me...i couldn't fall asleep cuz i was afraid a spider would crawl into my mouth while i was sleeping lol well everyone was so i don't feel that bad but still!  so we woke up and still had a wonderful time until....................other people came. well now it wasn't just our happy little family it was THE REST OF THE SCHOOL! i was kind of dissapointed but when my best friends got there it was all good again! I had so much fun with everyone on that first night.Megz, you and i looked sooooo hot in our prom dresses lol. DANI RAE IS MY HERO!!!!!!!!!! lol dude anyone who can out eat joe g., josh f. and steven, as a girl...wow. that was so incredible. i had some great time to bond with my new found friends!!!! omg i'm so glad i really got to meet some of the guys in my class that i really hadn't known before this year!!!they are so awesome! and i'm pretty sure they know who they are.the rest of retreat was so wonderful! i don't have time to go into too many details...well, we had a great time at field games...Mo our team was hilarious!!!!ahahaha Cac you are my hero!!! dude if i had sneakers i totally would have been up that tree with you!!!! haha. well to get to the good part of my story...ok so the "senior night game". well it was more like the teacher night game but whatever. so all of us juniors went running out of the gym (out the back door) so there is ONE little rock abouta foot high and a foot wide and i just happened to run right into it but i didn't fall, thank God, i jumped over it. but i went right back into the gym through the front door. well until then i didn't really think i hurt it that much but holy crap!ok it gets kinda gross so i'm not going into the details but to make a long story short i couldn't really walk for the rest of the  night and it screwed me over for the volleyball game the next day. but oh well the football game was a blast and all...to be con't...
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(no subject) [Aug. 20th, 2004|06:12 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |She Will Be Loved]

SCHOOL HAS STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh i'm so not happy to be back!..yes, it is wonderful to see all the people i missed and to have fun with Stugo stuff and worship stuff and Chorale but i'm already ready for summer. one phrase and only this one describes this week...........lame, way lame. i'm exhausted, tired, and cranky. I'm so sorry if i've snapped at anyone this week. i'm not at my best yet. my classes are wonderful other than the fact that...I"M PRACTICALLY TAKING EVERYTHIN I TOOK LAST YEAR!!!! and i'm in the "stupid classes" ugh i would be taking the right schedule if it wasn't for chorale but i definately think it's worth it. Chorale retreat was AWESOME!!! Dane Cook=funniest man alive!!! lol...my english teacher RULES he's hilarious and i'm finally ENJOYING english!!but i do have to say that my Geometry class rocks my world. lol ASS. # ....ahaha Matt you are hilarious. wow but i do feel so stupid considering my freshman sister is in the same class as me lol. awesome awesom kick ass. well i'm goin out tonight with my girls cuz IT"S FRIDAY!!!!! later



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awesome awesome .... ... [Aug. 15th, 2004|12:46 pm]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |LALA]

Arielle's home!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol yeah we hung out all day friday...she came over we tried to get her schedule...yeah some people these days....then we had a wonderful lunch with Nick Daniel Mo and BT. It was so good to see them!!! Then i went to her house to help her unpack...wow she has so many clothes. THen we went to CHS to pick Ash and Garret up!!!! that was pretty sweet THen i had to go to the Chorale retreat...............Chorale retreat rocked hard!!!! Dane Cook ahahahahahaha that made my day or should i say night or even morning. watever i'm so out of it right now. Our choir room looks soo tight haha....  yeah that was really fun. so then i had this new kids thing at Stella's...so fun! but i was so exausted!!!! well then i went to Arielle's to chill with my awesome church friends!!!!! good times good times. so yeah i spent the night woke up 10 min before we had to be at church lol. so i'm totally sleeping all day. my phone's off so don't even try to call me...or you can leave me a message or something!!!!! that would be sweet. aight well i'm out like  a fat kid in dodgeball. MUAH.


xox, Andrea

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(no subject) [Aug. 10th, 2004|12:54 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |Nelly....anything and everything they're all good]

I am heaven sent
Don't you dare forget
I am all you've ever wanted
What all the other boys all promised
Sorry I told
I just needed you to know
I think in decimals and dollars
I am the cause to all your problems
Shelter from cold
We are never alone
Coordinate brain and mouth
Then ask me what it's like to have myself so figured out
I wish I knew
I hope this song starts a craze.
The kind of song that ignites the airwaves
The kind of song that makes people glad to be where they are
with whoever they're there with
This is war
Every line is about who I don't wanna write about anymore.
I hope you come down with something
they can't diagnose, don't have the cure for
Holding on to your grudge
Oh it's so hard to have someone to love
And keeping quiet is hard
Cause you can't keep a secret
if it never was a secret to start
(at least pretend you didn't want to get caught)
We're consentrated on falling apart
We were contenders, now throwing the fights
I just want to believe...I just want to believe..I just want to believe.. in us
Oh, we're so controversial
We are [I am] entirely smooth
We admit to the truth
We are [I am] the best at what we do
And these are the words you wish you wrote down
This is the way you wish your voice sounds Handsome and smart
Ooh, my tongue's the only muscle on my body
that works harder than my heart
And it's all from watching t.v.
And from speeding up my breathing
Would'nt stop if I could
Oh, it hurts to be this good
You're holding on to your grudge
Oh, it hurts to always have to be honest with the one that you love
Oh, so let it go
This is the grace only we can bestow
This is the price you pay for loss of control
This is the break in the bend
This is the closest of calls
This is the reason you're alone
This is the rise and fall




yes i know it's already up there but i just thought of it today ;P

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I MISS ARIELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Aug. 6th, 2004|10:51 pm]
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |hook up]

So thursday i went to workout with Daddy and then we ran errands...around 1:30 Mrs. Cain, James and John came over. OMG so fun. haha we played sequence and kemps that was really fun John was my partner but i pretty much took all the weight of the team myself lol. Then he came up with this great idea to teach us "Kings and Queens"...too bad there is no such thing!!!! ahaha he had us fooled for a half hour until i one lol. well then we hung out for a while and went to see I Robot... it was ok i guess. I saw Pierce, Jake, and Derek with people and Jake seemed mad at me but hey watev. umm yeah so after the movie we were gonna go bowling but all the lanes were taken so we just dropped John off at Matthew's house and went home. So James and i talked for a while, he taught me how to change the strings on my quitar haha i'm so helpless! and then he played some songs and sang for me. It was really good we had fun. yeah so today i had to go to the dentist...omg it was painful! lol  i think it hurt cuz Jonie was talkin to my mom the whole time. she's so fun! well so i went home and played air hockey against James, and of course he won.lol. then we played the famous game of clue..that was really fun. but then we ran out of things to do lol so we walked to marble slab and got ice cream. then after he left i took a nap cuz i went to bed at 2 AM. but i didn't really sleep long cuz Nick called me and then Kev text me so i couldn't really fall back asleep at 4 in the afternoon. OH COOLEST THING EVER....4 WAY CALLING!!!!! ahahaha that was SWEET. MO BEANS ME AND JENNY haha so fun. heeeyyyyy... haha dude! good times. i haven't done that since like 6 grade lol. soooooo then i got ready to head over to Jenny's...i actually kinda did my hair for the first time since what Arielle's bday pty?! haha yeah it looks awesome...so BRANDON CALLED ME! omg i miss that kid so much! we talked for a while...took pics of Jenny dancing and I AM GOING TO MARRY HIM JENNY!!!! you can't have him!!!!! ahahaha i crack myself up. Coti loves me haha it almost attacked me though! he totally came up behind me and jumped on the island in Jenny's kitchen OMG stariest thing ever! haha and yes we were dancing to Britney Spears haha we're so weird.so yeah i talked to Brandon for so long! long distance too i'm so screwed lol oh well. so yeah we (Jenny Mo Beans and I) went to see catwoman...Socrates!! Ophila powers...oh feel ya powers haha that was funny. dude...i saw James again after the movie yeah that was cool. then we say SHAYLA!!!!aka the orphan lol. i miss her so much! then we saw MRS. PETRUCCI well they did i was too busy doin something else. so yeah we talked to sadie looked at pics, made fun of junior highers who shouldn't have been there dressed like they were lol. and went home. yeah  well that pretty much sums up these past two days. I MISS ARIELLE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are no words to express how much she needs to come home NOW lol  Arielle i have so much to tell you! haha MUAH.


xox Andrea Grace


P.S. i almost died like 3 times tonight!!! wow sometimes Jenny scares the crap out of me! hahahahahahaha AHHHHHHHHHHHHH SCREAM! bahahaha. football boys are home...........

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It's so good to be home!!!! [Aug. 4th, 2004|09:56 pm]
[mood |busybusy]
[music |youre hot like fire...Jessica Simpson]

I just got back from a wonderful (ha not) family vacation! YES! well it wasn't as horrible as last year's but it was BoRiNg!!! well my mom got sick the first day we were there so Ally and I had Daddy to ourselves. It was fun to catch up on things cuz i haven't seen him for a whole week the whole summer. Well it was great to talk about Faternities and Sororities haha that was funny and then we talked about colleges and that was fun cuz he actually takes me seriously and my mom doesn't and wouldn't if i actually told her stuff. i mean ok you can laugh but i seriously want to be a spy...in junior high it was just something that Arielle and i joked about but i think that would be so awesome, well that or becoming a lawer lol so...there were these two 18 and 19 year old boys who were with their parents who had to stare at us the whole time we were haveing lunch. i mean normally that would be ok but i was trying to have a serious conversation with my Dad!!! ugh their MOM even looked at me how abnoxious! well Lake Tahoe is GORGEOUS!!!! we are totally going up there again (but i'm totally bringing a friend!) well we went on a bike ride the next day and it was so fun. no joke. i sound like a total geek but well i did grow up in Maryland. ok then we went to see "As You Like It" -Shakespeare. I think i'm the only one who liked it lol. well James Cain is comming to visit me all the way from PA...so yeah i've gotta clean like crazy cuz well frankly my room is a disaster!!! lol well later.

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Note: [Aug. 1st, 2004|08:55 pm]
ahaha notice that when i'm not home i'm happy.
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