Hey Vanity...

I am fucking fed up of him dictating whether I feel good or not.
He doesn't he realise he does it which is even WORSE. I need to sort my fucking life out. I'm going to stop talking about him and then maybe I'll stop thinking about him so much.
it's not going to happen anytime soon so why should i bother

pippa pissed me off today. me, george, boycrush and her where in the lift when pippa goes, 'you need to lay off the beer!' what?
he sort of jokingly got pissed off and went out and george was like are you coming out tonight and he went, NO FUCK YOU, IM GONNA BE AT HOME WITH MY BEER BELLY

he's the type of guy that would get annoyed at that. and then pippa turns to me and goes, i dont know why you like him, he's so ugly.

i could have hit her.
just...i love her and all but she says the most inappriopate things sometimes.

anyway, this is my last entry about him. for awhile at least. i need to concentrate on me
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My Birthday!

*really quick entry*
Pippa text me last night to wish me a happy birthday.
Went shopping for an outfit with George for tonight. Spent loads of money on nice stuff! Two pairs of shoes that are sex <3 and a rara skirt to die for.
Had Haagen Diaz Ice Cream
George bought me a gorgeous tshirt and a mug when tipped up, says 'sex bomb' haha cheese <333
When I got back my housemates were in the kicthen in the dark with a cake and candles and I couldn't blow out the last 2...SMUCK OR WHAT hahaha. I wished for boycrush...yeah...WOO
Ate dinner
Now getting rid to go out with:
George, Pippa, Jen, maybe Soph and Jo and Charlotte are going anyway so I'll see them there.

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