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You still can't make me cry

you've pinned this butterfly down.


more later.

the girl

Leah. Rachel. Kit. Age 15 16. Sept 21. 5' 10". Virgo/Libra. Friendly. Righty. Blond-red. PROUD AMERICAN. Shy. Honest. Thin. Sensitive. Energetic. Funny. Creative. Trustworthy. Tends to clean alot. Somewhat messy. Nice. Problem solver. Advice giver. Reading. Writing. Loves the Internet. Lol. Own Style. Calm. Perfectionist. Artistic. Not so good in hiding feelings. Caring. Patient. Worries. Black. Blue. Green. Purple. Raylin Ann-Marie. Kyra Shyanne. Rex Nathaniel. Thirteen. Charmed. Desperate Housewives. My Chemical Romance. Breaking Benjamin. Yellowcard. Story Of The Year. Anthem Of Our Dying Day. LOVE FAILS.

MSN: forgottenheaven@hotmail.com
EMAIL: intricatexred@hotmail.com

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Name: Rachel
Age: 16
Grade: 11
Sign: Vigo/Libra
Nicknames: Leah, Kit
Birthday: Sept. 21
Background: Irish and German
Location: U.S.A.
Fave Number: 13
Fave Food: Pizza, Chow mein, Chicken nuggets, Donuts, Ice cream, Chicken, Rice, and it keeps going..
Fave Colour: Black, blue, purple, green
Hobbies: I love to sing, draw, livejournal, hang out with my friends, chat, read, write. That's it I think. Lol.
Bestfriends/Friends: These aren't in order: Brittany, Rachie-bear, Arica, Jenna, Jackie, Alex, Cory, Corey, Ethan, Cody, Josh, Derrick, Sean, Courtney, Emily, Toree, Braden, Devin, Anastasia, Vera, Griffan, Lauren, Mike, Richard, Nate, Scott, Tanner, John, Tyler... if I forgot you, e-mail me!
Other: I say Lol alot. Seriously. I go by Leah, Rachel, Kit, and any other sad and hopeless nickname someone chooses to give me. I once came to "girly-bop." If you want to talk to me, get to know me better, ask for advice, bitch or complain, IM me on MSN: forgottenheaven@hotmail.com

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still more?

Inside I'm a person who would listen to people if they have any problems and I would try to give advice about it. I'm really kind and very supportive. As of my friend told me, that I'm not too good at hiding feelings. So my feelings are obvious. I am protective of my family and I take care of them, especially my neice, who I love to death. I'm not impolite, and no where mean unless you get on my nerves. I'm shy if I don't know you, but as I get to know you I feel alot comfortable and I'll be a loud mouth. Lol. I get annoyed about little things. I love jokes, but if it goes way too far I wouldn't like you. Lol. I love kids, I plan to have 2 of my own.
Outside I have blondeish reddish and hoping to dye it to a lighter or darker coulor and get a punkier style instead of just the longlonglong hair I have now. I also plan to get that haircut this summer, because my sister is a stylist who will also peirce my ears a few more times for me. I have blue eyes, with some green in them. I'm tall to some people, a midget to others [fuck you Tyler]. Lol. I love wearing jeans, and clothes that I think look pretty. I have a pale skin and I'm thin.
Random Facts
I'm 5'10", I wish I was shorter.
I have 7 siblings, 2 brothers and 5 sisters.
I'm the second youngest, adopted.
I love changing my layouts.
I don't tend to stare, especially when a guy stares at me! (Usually I'm so embarassed I run into something. ;_;)
I'm way too shy, but I'm developing. Lol.
I love swimming, watching guys skate, sometime rollerblading, but I got kicked out of the rink.
I have really long hair.
I love watching romantic, comical, and scary movies.
I don't want to say this but I got my first kiss at age 13. Lol! =0

Likes: Black. Singing. Dancing. Sleeping. I love humor! Lol. Eating chinese food, mine and Brit's fave so it has a very special place in my heart. Msn. Web Designing. Sleepovers. Parties. Bubble-Tea! Soft things, like my teddy bear or my pillow. Lol! :D Kids! They're adorble! Lol. As you can see I have the habbit of saying "lol", its my fave word! Makeup. Neatness. Clothes. Nice People.

Dislikes: Things that crawl (Spiders, insects, mice etc.) The Dark. Mean People. Bossy, impolite People. Copycats. Being Bored. School. Bad Grades. Dirty Places. Snobs. Racism. Stinkyness (Lol!). Flamers. Direct Linkers. Tagboard Chatters. Window Shopping (Lol, I prefer actually buying it instead of just standing there and stare at it. Lol) Heights. Wannabes.
My Friends
These are a list of my friends. They're NOT in order. If I missed you please email me.

Brittany, Rachie-bear, Kate Rho [the Korean exchange student], Arica, Jenna, Jackie, Alex, Cory, Corey, Ethan, Cody, Josh, Derrick, Sean, Courtney, Emily, Toree, Braden, Devin, Anastasia, Vera, Griffan, Lauren, Mike, Richard, Nate, Scott, Tanner, John, Tyler, Alex the Mormon, Leslie, T.C., Ellen, Kurtis, David G., Ben

alcohol, alice in wonderland, anorexia, art, atticus, baths, beautifully flawed, beauty, black, black eye liner, black nail polish, blades, blood, books, bookstores, borderline personality disorder, boys, bracelets, bulimia, butterfly kisses, charmed, cheap cigarettes, coffee, coldplay, cosmetology, crying, cutting, dancing in the rain, death, dreaming, dreams, drinking, drugs, dyed hair, eating disorders, elvish, emo, emo boys, emo girls, enya, evanesence, everclear, ewan mcgregor, faeries, fairy tales, friendship, fuck bracelets, fucking, gay rights, girl interrupted, good movies, green day, handcuffs, happy bunny, heartbreak, hemp, heroin, hoodies, hot topic, incubus, jonny depp, king arthur, kissing, kissing in the rain, letters, linkin park, lost hope, lost souls, love, love kills, lust, magick, make-up, makeup, mental disorders, mental illness, midnight, mix tapes, mohawks, moulin rouge, music, my chemical romance, new found glory, nickleback, night time, nightmare before christmas, occult, orlando bloom, pain, pale skin, park swings, peircings, peter pan, philosophy, photo whoring, photography, piercings, pills, pirates of the caribbean, playgrounds at midnight, poetry, poison, prostitution, psychology, rain, razorblade, razors, requiem for a dream, rock n roll, seether, self harm, self injury, self mutilation, self-injury, sex, sex bracelets, sharp objects, simple plan, sleeping, slut, smoking, snow, stars, story of the year, straight razors, strawberries, sublime, suicide, suicide girls, sum 41, summer rain, switchblades, switchfoot, system of a down, t.a.t.u., taking back sunday, tattoos, tears, the day after tomorrow, the virgin suicides, thirteen, viggo mortenesen, weezer, white oleander, white roses, witches, writing, yellowcard,