Slight hope dangles on a string...

Like slow spinning redemption.

10 November
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Hi. My name is Angelica. I am 17 years old and I have no life. I am on AIM a lot, especially at night so feel free to IM me! I have friends. who doesnt? e.e i'm not going to sit here and name them all because i don't have many =X hehe. my cat pokey ran away. =( but he is the cutest most sweetest thing in the world. I think that cats are superior. Far more superior than humans. We should worship them like the egyptians once did. When I was little I had dreams of becoming a ballerina one day, but those dreams were crushed when i got fat! :( oh well. "stars" is my favorite t.a.t.u. song! but don't go and download it and IM me with "YEHA! THAT SONG RAWKS!" i don't give a shit about your gay opinion! i would rather you like something i HATE! like polka or something! eee! i want to have 11 kids and live in a big house and be a house wife!! the all american dream. 8) oh, and of course have about 20 cats. well... this is me. hope you like. xoxo some women feel its way more fun to be a slut than to be devoted to one person. Well that may be true but I am not SEXY enough to be a slut. Oh but I'm getting there. :D hehe. yeah. i love you ukwur <3 If you add me on your friends list i'll add you! for sure!! :D because i need all the friends i can get... haha


I love you T.a.t.u.!!! <333

Lena ~> My THiNsPirAtIoN! (to your left)