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08:39pm 06/10/2006


I've been gone ALONG FUCKING TIME! So, whats new with everyone?! Post a reply!

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lol pwnd.   
09:42pm 09/07/2006

I died in the Dungeon of Xnovemberx

I was killed in a cold laboratory by Aztec Jaguaress the cockatrice, whilst carrying...

the Dagger of Gunmyheart, the Crown of Cassieyeerkh8r, the Sword of Anne Rice, the Dagger of Immortal Hell, the Armour of Dueling, the Amulet of Orcboy, the Wand of Yu-gi-oh, the Armour of Intothev0id and 77 gold pieces.

Score: 88

Explore the Dungeon of Xnovemberx and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...
05:37pm 02/07/2006
  I would just like to take this moment to comment on how FUCKED the doctor really is.

That is all.
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11:08pm 16/06/2006
  Hijacked from Kez
General 'about me' memeCollapse )
05:36pm 16/06/2006
  Have new Lostprophets album.

Will pimp it illigally to anyone who wants it.
12:23pm 12/06/2006
  This is going to make sense to about 3% of you.

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08:23pm 08/06/2006
  Hijacked from wryterra AKA - That guy who out nerds me at D&D

So here's how it works: Open your choice of music player and put it on shuffle. Press play. For every question, type the song that's on. And when you go to a new question press the next button. No cheating.

Opening credits: 12Stones - Open your eyes

Waking up: Apocalyptica - Sad But True ('tallica cover)

First date: 36CrazyFists - Elysium

Falling in love: Disturbed - The Game

Fight Scene: Drowning Pool - Mute

Breaking up: The Offspring - Smash

Getting Back together: Head Automatica - Beating Hearts

Life's okay: Chuck Berry - Johnny be Good

Mental Breakdown: Metallica - Enter Sandman

Driving: Arch Enemy - Ravenous

Flashback: Iced Earth - Storm Rider

Happy Dance: Ra - Only

Regretting: Static x - Bled For Days

Long Night Alone: PaPa Roach - Thrown Away

Death Scene: American Hi Fi - My only Enemy

End Credits: Alkaline Trio - Radio

Ravenous for driving? Fuck yeah!
Mute for a fight? Fuck yeah!
Johhny Be Good for a hapyp moment?! ROFL!

Elysiumn for first date? XD Thats a damn uptempo first date! (REST NOW, INSIDE THE FLAMES!)

Only is a happy dance song?! (And as the sun goes down I cry myself to sleep is the opening line XD)

God Hates Astronaughts was my next track! DAMNIT!
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02:35am 03/06/2006
  Like Dungeons and Dragons?

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Just want a new way to game?

If any of the above apply to you then check out iGenerations Studios first live game project. Journy of Omega: The Forum RP

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Dont feel like questing? Our Out of character and In Character general RP sections will give you another place to spam your place onto the internet! So take a look, you may find yourself addicted to Journy of Omega: The Forum RP, a new type of RPG.
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05:04pm 28/05/2006
  Taken from Raventide, beaten to a pulp, molested and hung.

Name five fictional characters you'd have sex with and why...

1: Sniper Wolf. - Metal Gear Solid
Insperation for a character, sexy ass voice, killer body, amazing shot with my fave gun. Oh.. and totally fuckable.

2: Seto Kaiba. - Yu-Gi-Oh
Umm.. duh? Seriously, this guy is probably the only person in the fictional world who could out dom Trist. and THATS something.

3: Ryou Bakura. - Yu-Gi-Oh
Two for my passion XD Bakura is sexyzzzzzz. Seriously. Like Woha.

4: Hitomi/Helena. DOA1-4
So yeah.. Really theres like.. the entire cast.. but thats cheating. So I had to give two joint position here :3 I am so good.

5: Rikku - Final Fantasty 10/2
heh heh yeah.. it was either her or Tifa from seven.. and well.. after many a years drooling over Tifa i think its time I give the theif girl some limelight. MMM..Cosplay..

Near misses here are Rinoa/Selphie from FF8, Tifa from FF7 and a whole bucketload of others. Im such a fiction whore.
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11:18am 26/05/2006
  Setting up anarchist factions at work is FUN  
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Gee.. how suprising   
11:42am 22/05/2006
Your Ideal Pet is a Cat

You're both aloof, introverted, and moody.
And your friends secretly wish that you were declawed!
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07:45pm 11/05/2006
  Born from the angel.
With dirt on its face.
Features so pale.
In this darkend place.

Illumination by street light.
Oxygen from gas.
Peace only after this fight.
Shielded from the blast.

Neuclear Fallout in your front room.
Obliterated emotions and torn flesh.
Harsh words form a sonic boom.
That lay the confrentation to rest.

Tear shaped liquid.
Rolling down a vally of curves.
Things become illiquid.
Ripped across the nerves.
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01:30pm 08/05/2006
  Guess who has the angels and airwaves album two weeks in advance?

12:44am 04/05/2006
  Normality is killing me.
Same shit, Different day.
Place my soul on the rail.
Bleed me for the debts I've too pay.
Things need to change.
Normality is killing me.

Thoughts don't change.
They repeat themselves.
Circles of feelings that just wont let go.
Emotions bottled and placed on shelves.
Things need to change.
Normality is killing me.

Be a good robot.
I'm a good robot.
You're all just fucking robots.
Things need to change.
Normality is killing me.

I walk the same roads.
Nothing works.
I see the same sights.
Insanity lurks.
Things need to change.
Normality is killing me.

Black canvas sky.
Same as before.
The night draws neigh.
To the rainbow clouds.
Things need to change.
But they wont.
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11:32am 02/05/2006
mood: calm
New layout, decided to go for an ann rice/Atreyu cross-over.

Yeah, I know. I nerded out.
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This ones for kez.   
07:19pm 01/05/2006
mood: Closed
I've paid the price, I'll cut you outCollapse )
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Hey pewsey.   
11:44am 01/05/2006
  Just a note to say


And alot of other bands XD Damn was a good fest. Atreyu = the sex :D
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01:00pm 25/04/2006
Get Your Drunk Personality at LiquidGeneration.com!

The quiz link is wrong on this thing, but the answer rocks!
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12:07am 25/04/2006
iGeneration studios is LIVE! CLICK HERE TO GO THERE!

/Blatent advertising
12:39pm 08/04/2006

Yeah.. Fuck you too Upperdeck.
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