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I only l o v e you on a g.o.o.d day [entries|friends|calendar]

Location: Norwich
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5"11
School: Hewett
Grade: Year 9
Lover: Unfortunately single.

rainbows, photos, journals, evil glares, coffee, icecream, webcam, happy people inc., my fucking shotgun, pc plod, mod, movies, mmusic, drums

bright sunshine, angry mobs, religios hatred, racism, the OC, bitches, backstabbers

Got answers for everyone, endless excuses
Not happy for anyone, cos I’m trying to break your click-track heart
Seen a vision of perfect grace, airbrushed and lifeless
All contempt and aftertaste it’s like I’m waiting for the scars to heal
Roar Roar Roar I'm a DINOSAUR!
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October 23rd, 2005]

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October 22nd, 2005]
So. Half Term.
I'm kinda bored, so far. I finished my Rs project, finally, and I started reading a book.
Geez, my life is so riveting.
Well, Molly should be coming over tomorrow. I should be seeing Rachael some time. I texted Hannah.
It's all good.
And in 8 days I'm seeing Alice. Hurrah!!
I'm sorry to you all for being such a crappy LJ user.
I need to update more.
And the updates should actually be interesting.
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October 16th, 2005]
Oh my days!
Blimin smoothie exploded all over my hands, and my belt snapped. Today was not my day for ... for anything really.
And those mints were disgusting.
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October 15th, 2005]
My mother came barging into my bedroom at 8.30. She began waving a peice of paper infront of my face, and asking something about 'Why not, why not?'
'Wurrrrrr?' I asked, still half asleep, and confused by the paper waving. She held what turned out be a letter, in front of my face long enough for me to be able to read it.
It was from my Maths teacher, announcing that I had forgotten 4 peices of my homework this term.
Oh no!*rolls eyes*
'Wurrr?' I asked again. Which translated as I'm supposed to care?
She continued to ask questions, until I once again, said 'Wurrr?' and she eventually got the
idea, and left, to give me some time to wake up.
I hate my paresnts sometimes.
And if my maths teacher wasn't my friend's mum, I would hate her too.
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October 11th, 2005]
It was so fucking amazing that I'm angry. I want to go again.
And I saw proof that Kele has no interest in quitting just yet. That big smile on his face the whole way through.
He sat on Russell. Poor lil Russ.
I NEED PICTURES. I dont have any though.
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