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Haha, yes. I have finally gotten to the point where I could write a journal entry. A whole shat has been going on. Some good points, some bad points, some in the middle. We'll start with the good things.

First, I made some Jack's Mannequin cupcakes. :D They're tastycakes. Haha, and um, that's about it for Jack's news.

Oh yeah, and my friends rawk. I made some mix CDs for them and put a whole bunch of Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate on there. Haha, okay I lied, that's not the end of Jack's news. And then later I got a note from them, saying that I was a really great friend and they loved to mix CD's I gave them, and that one of my best friends, Stephanie, thinks that Andrew is cute. :B And then, Christina, my other friend, said she likes I'm Ready by Jack's, so it's all woot woot.

And one of the weekends, I went over to Christina's house with Stephanie for a makeover/sleepover thing. We waited outside of her house for about two hours, watched the stars, sang our choir songs, played redlight, greenlight, ran around randomly, and stuff. By the time she got here, she fixed my hair and stuff,and listened to music, staying up until about 1:30 AM. By the next morning, we walked a shat load. First, we had walked to McDonald's for breakfast stuffs, and her parents weren't there yet, so we played in the playplace and were dorks and played on the slides. After that, Christina told us that one little kid had cursed at her and stuff, and so Stephanie yelled at the kid. So then the parent had yelled at us, because he's just a little boy. I said to my friends that it's kind of sad when you don't know that a little 5 year old is cursing at people older than them. Or whatever. So then after that, we sang our choir songs and her parents had finally come. Then we ate our breakfast stuffs, and played a little bit more afterward, then walked to the park. Of course, we walked around there. And we played. I was playing on the little kids' slide and whenever I went down on it, I fell off when I got to the bottom of the slide. It made me go "lmao". And then I ran around and stuff, taking pics of my friends and stoof. When I went down one of the slides backwards, someone had accidentally thrown sand at my face, causing me to er, cry. x_X; So yeah, then we headed to the bathrooms, and cleaned my face off and shat. My friends dared me to go into the men's bathroom and take a picture. So I did, haha. After that, I waited for them to come back out and stuff, so I just camwhored for a bit. When they returned, we decided to leave, because we had been there for about two hours. Right when we were about to leave, there were these people with kites, and my friends dared me to shout something, so I shouted "I like your kite" in the dorky/joking/hotzi voice, haha. Then we left. And Christina wanted to go find her boyfriend's house, so we ended up walking around for about an hour. I took a shat load of pictures and complained about needing water and stuff. So we got back over to her house, and we had to go. I walked over to Stephanie's house with her, and called like 5 times for my mom to pick me up, because she had drove over to Christina's house. and, that's basically about it.

OH YEAH. And then, the other day, there was another fire. I had fallen asleep at the time, so my sister had gotten pictures of the fire and smoke and stuff while the firemans were working and such. So when I had woken up, they were just getting their stuff and checking everything. My mom had made me ask one of the guys if I could take a picture with the hose, because I wanted a picture of the water. And yeah, that was kind of exciting, except not.

and something that's really weird, is that lately, I've been dreaming a lot about my crush/ex-crush and random boys. o_o; So yeah, I'm kind of starting to like him again, but not. It's confusing, really. I've told my friends about this, and I'm glad they haven't told anyone.

Then, bad news, some of my friends are having on and off fights. Cecelia, one of my other friends, and Christina, are still kind of in a fight, because Cece had said "I'm glad I'm moving" once, and then Christina replies with "Me too." so yeah, they started yelling and stuff, and shat. And then Veronica and Amy are being bothersome with Cecelia, so yeah. It's annoying me greatly.

And then there's some stuff going on at home. Fighting and shat, I guess. My mom keeps yelling at me and shat for crap reasons. Because I don't care for others, and whatever. Yeah, I don't care about others when I talk to my friends. Surre. And yeah, just basically a lot of fighting and stuff. So whatever, Idunno.

OH YEAAHHH. AND THEN, on maple story, my friends were talking about finding a korean fan from spiders in the new world Ludibrium, and I was like "i want one. :o " and so guess what? the next spider I had killed on there, right before I was gonna sign off to write this, I found one. Haha, I was so lucky, I loveit. it rawks.

Hmm, that's basically about it, I guess. It's the end of my journal entry, for now. Have fun reading the next one, it'll most likely be shorter, haha. :P

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