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Awesomeradicaltastic dream.

The dream had all started out at school at night, or something. There was going to be a dance, I guess, and my friends were talking about what they were going to wear. And I never responded , because my crush had been standing in an unknown line with us, some ways away, though. My best friend said she'd be right back (although never returned back in the dream) , and my crush had started talking to me. He said something, I guess it was something like that I could go in front of the line, then we started talking of and about random things that came to mind.
By now, the scene changed and I was in the dance-dress thing that I was going to wear, I guess, running from people/my friends, or whoever. Can't really remember. I don't know why/what I was running from, but they were mad at me. They tried to ruin my outfit and stuff, and I don't know. It's basically just that, except a longer version. More running, more ruining, etc.

I guess it had started after a show/concert (with Andrew, because of the rest part of my dream.) and I wanted to go talk to Andrew. The people there (friends/family of Andrew?) were saying to me "What are you doing here?" I had replied that "I just wanted to tell him something." They had then responded "Okay, as long as it's nice or a compliment" (or something.) I had nodded to this and said "It is."
I waited for Andrew outside in this random room or something. When he came out, I said Hi to him, but he had been talking to his friends currently. When he turned around, he had seen me, and had an expression like 'Oops, hi there' and I had said again "Hi Andrew" and he returned the greeting, except shorter, more so of a "Hey." Having wanted to say something, I said this next; "I just wanted to tell you that you're my greatest inspiration. You're so amazing and awesome with the things you do." When I finished saying this, I had seen him almost-crying of happiness and stuff, then told me "Thanks so much" or something (again), and he had hugged me, for a minute, or something.

Oh man, when I woke up, I was so disappointed and angry, because it hadn't been real. That was mainly the best dream. I had both my crush and greatest inspiration talk to me in my dream. It was just all really, really amazing. Now I would know what to say to Andrew if I ever met him.

I'll end this now, so seeya peeps.


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