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Holy shat.

Today at school, nearly 11:11 AM. (haha, I always try to catch the clock at 11:11. ) and one of the girls in my class saw my new Jack's messenger bag and was like "Ohh, I saw them/him on MTV." Then I said something that would be imagined as "O RLY?" and I said to her "...his name is Andrew." cause she called him Jack for a second. ANYWAYS. She had said that Andrew was cute AND I NEARLY DIED. I was so happy that someone else liked Andrew. Although, she said it was a commercial or something where there was no music. BUT STILL. IT'S SO AWESOME. :D
Then the other day, one of the boys in my class said something like "I know them." but that's all, so it doesn't count as awesome. Haha.

(Please notify me on my stupidity, please. Haha. )

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