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Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to all =)


completing the loop

I recently helped to design a Membership Program and some of the stuff to support it for the bird org I help out with. But, the neat part is its the first time I've been part of something that's been covered in someone else's blog. So, I'm returning the favour. My blog is a whole lot less interesting (Mel's is more of an info/reporting style rather than email-style ramblings), but, I figure linking's the power of the interwebs, so...

Visit a cool web blog about parrots: Best In Flock.


sporatic outburst

Ummm, hi. Sorry I haven't been posting. Just fallen out of the habit, stuff going on, the usual. :P No excuse, I know. :) Hope you've all been well and had a good Halloween with lots of nummy candy. And other happy and good things. Especially if there's chocolate involved.


So I got mail today, and I thought: That's curious! Why is Shanzer sending me a card? Opened it up and... I got a Happy New Years card from the Shanzer family. (VERY cute, BTW!!! :) Yes, New Years was several months ago (or several months away). No, I don't think Shanzer was being funny and sending it late (or super early).

In a double whammy -- SS sent a package 2-day mail via USPS about 10-12 days ago and the recipient hasn't gotten it yet. Unfortunately he didn't insure it, just did Delivery Confirmation. So, no clue where it is until if/when it shows up for delivery, I guess. Lovely!


random update

In sad news, the woman who I was watching NippyToes for has passed away after a long, valiant battle with cancer. I think she was only 45. She was a very cheerful, upbeat person who didn't allow life to get her down -- despite it all (and she went through a ton in her last few years). Happily, she got to see her daughter's wedding right before she passed away. She will be missed.

I picked up some cockatiels at the shelter yesterday. Its been a long time since I've had a cockatiel, and WOW, I'm finding these 2 to be very freaking LOUD. I can't wait until they find homes ... or I pawn them off on someone, lol. I don't remember my own cockatiel, Rutger, being so shrill or insistent about making noise, so maybe its just these guys... especially Piper.

Didn't have internet for a bit. Comcast guy came the other day and fixed it, which was surprisingly pleasant experience. The guy we got was personable, smart, enthusiastic and polite. And he fixed everything and made life happy again. He's my Favourite Person of the Month for certain! ;)

Life has been hectic... working a lot, trying to catch up on bird stuff when I'm not, and not having time on the weekends to deal with chores/errands and yet having two places to deal with (home and beach) is actually making me a little frazzled. Its not like I'm not having fun, but, its a little crazy too!

catching up

Whew! Life went utterly haywire for a long while there... but things seem to be settling down again, thankfully. Sorry I haven't been keeping up with you'all and what's been going on in your lives. I have a ton of catch-up reading to do to see what you've been up to in the last several months!!

charged silver lining

Nothing like spending 25+ straight hours working with folks for getting to know if you're compatible, as my latest team(*) said to me sometime over the last day. At one point the PI was complaining about not being able to find someone to work in his lab, and I said, "I'd love to work on hardware." (Mostly mumbled... it kinda just popped out!) They freaking took me seriously and started asking me about my soldering skilz and how they could get me on the team. Would that be freaking rad? I'd be willing to be a lab rat 3rd Class just so I could get to do the tiniest step in making flight hardware or things like changing cryogens in experiments. It'd be awesome just to see hardware instead of paper, paper, and more paper. I'd probably get sent to soldering school and anti-static school. And maybe even get to go to Japan! Sounds pretty cool. Likely to happen? My guess is not. But the idea they'd even express interest is very flattering.

[Downer note: found out that ALL my major projects from 2007 are FULL of FAIL. Major heart-ache team was not selected (not too terribly surprised) again (10th year of trying), and the no-Shuttle-rides team has to re-submit because the peer review committee has a conflict of interest. WHY they aren't changing the reviewers rather than having major amounts of work redone, I do NOT get. Grr.]

(*) Awesome team! Geeky, motivated, super smart, pleasant/kind to one another, hardcore Mac users, good sense of humour, hard-working, laid-back in a good way, into healthy/hot spicy foods. We're apparently having an "its done" party on Fri... it'll be interesting to see them in a non-stressed situation.


today kinda feels like...

Y'know that Bradbury [ed thanks to PatPat :)] story about the kid living on a planet that only has one warm, sunny, rain-free day every X number of years, and when that day finally comes, her classmates lock her in a closet and she never gets to see it?


happy holidays to all :)

I know, its a little (okay, a lot!) late, but, such is the hectic life of the holiday season. Hope that you all were happy, warm, loved, and given many wonderful/delicious things this holiday season.

Spent the holidays with SS and family... we always have a lot of fun and this was no exception. It was a smaller than usual gathering at SS's brother and sister-in-law's home. Lovely place, almost like a resort. It overlooks the water and the whole front of the home is windows... very beautiful. And the smaller number of people made it very enjoyable too. (My mom was at my sister's house with the extended relatives! Yikes! Too much noise/chaos for meeeee...!)

We did the usual feasting (everyone said the turkey was AMAZING) and opening of presents (thanks for the great stuff!). We went out on the boat on Xmas Day for a cruise around the Bay and at the end, SS went wakeboarding. I'll post pix if I can get some from LA--they are really cool. We gifted the hosts with a spinning disco mirror ball -- mounted to the deck pilings -- and a chiminea, both which went to good use that evening. The whole bunch of us gathered around the fire on Xmas night and toasted the full moon rising over the Bay. Beautiful!

The next day (Boxing Day) is LA's b-day, so we scurried around the house, re-decorating it for a birthday and setting up surprises (pinatas, presents, cake). Lots of fun!

The only bummer is that I have soooo much work to do. But, making it happen. Emailed files back to 2 projects today and then drank a "Showgirl" courtesy of Ky and Scubawoman. :) Gonna go listen to my new alarm clock as I fall asleep -- it has those environmental white noise kinda sounds... yay, ocean waves or crickets.




In October, V and I went to pick up some birds from a friend who is battling cancer -- she needs someone to watch her 2 macaws while she's undergoing medical procedures. We were running late on the way home and V asked if I could take the Severe Macaw for a little bit. Well, she's still here cause I'm having a ball with her (and plus V is a little overwhelmed). I call her NippyToes cause she's missing some toes (she was an abuse case previously, poor thing). I finally got a pic of her, so thought I'd post it.

I'm hoping that her person will get well soon and be able to take her back some day, but, that's a very uncertain thing. We're really worried about her and any "good thoughts" beamed her way would be very appreciated!!!

P.S. My friend D just called to see if I could go snowboarding this week -- but I'm swamped with work and SICK to boot. Boo. :(


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