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From that very first moment, we all knew Faith was going to be trouble. What we didn't know, however, wasj ust how fascinating trouble could be... how every word could ignite a scene and how every move could leave us anxiously awaiting the next. Faith was a wild card, with stories to tell, the likes of which, even in their Hellmouth town, the Scoobies hadn't heard. She was new, and exciting, and eager to take her place among the gang. Faith didn't come to Sunnydale alone, however. She brought with her, the demons from her past... literally.

Faith told the Scoobies that her Watcher was away at a retreat. This was a lie which came out into the open when a Vampire called Kakistos turned up in town along with his vamp partner, Mr. Trick, looking to take revenge on the brunette Slayer that had scarred him. It turned out that Kakistos had killed Faith's Watcher in Boston, and Faith had run away, unable to gather up the courage to fight him. After revealing this, Buffy reassured Faith that she did the right thing, but Faith couldn't accept it. Kakistos and a gang of vamps attacked Faith and Buffy. As Buffy struggled to fend off the gang, Faith stood, paralyzed with fear, before Kakistos. Buffy came to her rescue and began to fight the ancient vamp on her own, but her stake wasn't enough to kill him. Faith, not ready to sit back and let Buffy die as her Watcher had, finally stepped in and dusted Kakistos, saving Buffy's life in the process.

Try as she may, Faith could never quite fit in with the scoobies. Her carefree attitude and lifestyle were just so far removed from theirs. It was a difference that they didn't know how to accept and that she didn't know how to change... She was a hunter and a fighter, but she had fun doing it... something that was pretty much alien to Buffy, who saw slaying as more of a duty than a game. Faith tried to bring out the animal streak in Buffy, luring her away from school, and the other Scoobies, and encouraging her to have more fun being a Slayer. Buffy started to let go and behave more like Faith but it only lasted so long...

One night, on patrol, the two Slayers turned down a dark ally and a figure jumped out inthe dark, startling Buffy, and turning on Faith's basic instinct, which was to stake whatever was jumping out at them. This time, however, the figure turned out to me a human being. A man called Alan Finch. Faith accidently turned her stake on a live man and killed him. Buffy tried to save him, yelling at Faith to get help, but Faith could only watch as the man died. Although she insisted that she didn't care, the event sent her into a downward spiral from which she may never fully break free.

Buffy went to see Faith the next day and found her rinsing blood out of the shirt she'd worn the night before. She tried to convince Faith that they needed to tell the police and that what happened had to have affected her, but Faith maintained that it didn't matter and that she was fine. She insisted that Buffy not tell anyone.

When the story of Alan Finch's death broke on the news, Buffy again became desperate to tell someone what had happened. Faith again demanded that she said nothing. The two were questioned by the police and encouraged to come clean if they knew anything about the murder, but both denied any knowledge. Faith, fearing that Buffy would turn her in, went to Giles and told him that Buffy was the one who'd killed Alan Finch. Giles pretended to believe Faith, and after she left, told Buffy that he knew that Faith was the one who'd committed the crime, but it was best not to inform the Watcher's Council of what had happened. Wesley, Faith's newly appointed Watcher, overheard this and quickly placed a call to the Council.

As the gang tried to decide how to help Faith, it came to light that Xander and Faith had had a one night stand. Willow doesn't take the news well, running off to sob in the bathroom as Xander headed out to talk to Faith. He tried to get through to her, assuring her that he would be there for her, and even testify if it was necessary. Faith is unmoved, and instead of listening to reason, throws Xander on the bed and begins to choke him. Xander pleads with Faith to stop, just as Angel comes in and knocks her out with a baseball bat.

Angel took Faith to the mansion, chained her up and tried to talkto her... He tells her that they're alike, but that her behavior is going to kill her and that she needs to realize it. He begins to get through to her, but Wesley disrupts them, bursting in with council henchmen, netting Angel, and slapping handcuffs on Faith. They tell her she's being sent back to England to face the crimes she's committed before the council. Faith breaks free from them and heads to the harbor, looking to hide away on a cargo ship out of town. Her plans changed when Buffy came looking for her. The two got into an argument, during which, they were attacked by Mr. Trick and some other vamps. Trick almost killed Buffy, but Faith came through, staking him and saving Buffy's life for a second time.

Giles and Buffy agreed that Faith may have a chance to redeem herself. As they were having that discussion, however, Faith was across town, securing Mr. Trick's old job on the mayor's staff.

Faith tried to play both sides, working with Buffy and then bringing information to the mayor, but by tricking her into thinking she'd envoked Angelus, Buffy and Angel were able to unmask Faith's duplicity. She revealed the mayor's entire plan to the couple, only to find out that they'd been lying to her. Faith was furious. She and Buffy fought, and wound up with knives at eachother's throats. Buffy hesitated, and Faith informed her that Buffy wasn't ready to kill her yet, because if she did, then she would become her. Buffy stayed motionless as Faith planted a kiss on her forhead and fled.

She began working with the mayor side by side. He treated her like his own child and Faith adored him. He even got her an apartment, and a bejeweled knife as a gift. Faith would carry out the mayor's plans, working with vamps, killing people that the mayor needed out of the way, and even trying to kill Angel in order to keep Buffy out of the way.

Once she discovered that the only way to cure Angel was with the blood of a slayer, Buffy vowed to bring him the blood of a slayer... Faith's blood. The two had a violent showdown at Faith's apartment. As she was about to push Buffy off the building ledge, Buffy drove the knife that the mayor had given Faith into Faith' stomach. Stopping for a moment to take in what had happened, Faith shoved her enemy to the floor, telling Buffy that she'd killed her, but she wouldn't be able to use her to save Angel. With those words, Faith threw herself over the ledge, her body landing in a crumpled heap on the back of a flat bed truck that had been passing by..

The fight with Buffy left Faith in a coma for 8 months. She awoke angry, confused, and ready for revenge. She tracked Buffy down at her college campus and ranted to the blonde slayer about all she'd done to her, including having tried to kill her just to save a man Buffy was no longer with. The two began a brutal fight, but the police showed up on the scene and Faith fled. She wandered around town and was approached by a demon who said he'd been told to give her something. Faith killed the demon without a second though, and then took the package he'd been carrying. It turned out to be a video left for her by the mayor. She broke into a store to watch the video, which told her that the mayor was dead and that Faith would need a way to hide. With a device enclosed in the packacge, Faith was able to steal Buffy's body. She slipped into Buffy's life, her home, and even into bed with Riley, Buffy's then boyfriend. But, life as the good slayer was not what Faith thought it would be. It created more inner turmoil and another showdown with Buffy left Faith tired and alone..

Faith fled Sunnydale and turned up in Los Angeles with her mind more clouded than ever. She went on a violent rampage and was sought out by Wolfram & Hart to kill Angel. While hunting for Angel, Faith surprised Wesley and Cordelia. After knocking Cordy out cold, Faith tied Wes to a chair and proceded to torture him for hours on end, waiting for Angel to show up.

When he finally did show, the two began a violent fight. Faith tried to kill him and failed to do the job. Hitting rock bottom and collapsing in Angel's arms, she pleaded for her death. Angel held and consoled the broken Slayer as Wesley, finally free of his bonds, struggled his way outside, knife in hand, ready to punish Faith for what she'd put him through. Once he saw her weaping in Angel's arms, Wesley dropped the knife.

Angel took Faith into his home and promised to help save her from herself. Cordelia and Wesley were both angered at this decision and tried to convince him that there were better ways of dealing with it that keeping a crazy woman in his home, but Angel was determined to get through to Faith as he almost had before. Welsey backed down, reminded of how he'd destroyed Angel's attempt in the years before. Faith tried to leave, but Angel's warnings of how the darkness she'd put herself in would eat her alive, got to her, and Faith decided to stay and try to face her demons. The wrath of Wolfram & Hart, the Watcher's Council and an angry confrontation with Buffy almost sent Faith running again, but she held strong. Faith turned herself in to the LAPD, ready to pay for her crimes.

Finally clawing her way back out of the hole her life had become, Faith spent close to three years in a maximum security prison as prisoner #43100. Visits from Angel helped her to stay focused, and though she still had her bad days, she was determined to be redeemed.

An unexpected visit from Wesley brought Faith back to LA, however. Wesley gave Faith the new of Angel's transformation into Angelus. With Wesley's help, Faith escaped from the prison and accompanied Wes back to the Hyperion. Acknowledging that Angel was the only one who refused to give up on her, Faith vowed not to kill Angel, and faced off with his angered son, over the situation. Putting Connor in his place, Faith did battle with Angelus, but was savagely beaten by the vampire. She managed to escape, though bloodied and bruised. Together, Faith and Wesley worked a plan that would culminate with Angelus feeding off of Faith, who'd injected herself with a mind altering drug that was known to have heavy effects on vampires.

Faith and Angelus both lapsed into unconciousness and took a mind trip through Angel's past. As the gang struggled to wake Faith from her comatose state, she and Angel teamed up to defeat Angelus, while Willow fought with Cordelia to try to return Angel's soul, the fight waking Faith just in time to stop Connor from killing Angel.

After restoring Angel's soul, Willow asked Faith to return to Sunnydale with her in order to try to fight the First Evil. Faith returned to a hell storm of drama. She and Buffy managed to put their differences aside and work together. It wasn't easy, as the two Slayers had different opinions on the treatment of the Slayers in Training. Eventually, all fighting turned against Buffy, opting to make Faith their leader. Buffy, hurt and betrayed, was asked to leave her own home, but not before telling Faith not to be afraid to lead the girls into their battle. Faith, weary of her new position, was visited by the First Evil in the form of The Mayor. She did her best to tell herself it wasn't real, but was still unnerved by the apparition. She wound up spending the night with Robin Wood, the Sunnydale High School principal. The next day, Faith acted as if nothing had happened.

Faith took the blame on herself when a failed mission left she and many of the SITs injured due to an explosion. She recovered and shared a pleasant moment with Buffy, and later had a conversation with Robin in which he convinced Faith to give him a chance to surprise her... if the world didn't end. Faith agreed to give him a chance.

She fought along side Buffy and the others, and although many lives were lost, they were able to defeat the First. Robin was seriously injured during the battle, however. Faith sat with him as he struggled for words, and for a moment, it seemed that he'd died, but as Faith moved to close his eyes, Robin jerked back to conciousness.



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