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For the foreseeable future...

I shall be leaving my previous posts as they are so that people who stumble upon my journal can get an idea of what kind of person I am.

Looking forward to meeting you all =)

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Soo... I've been up for about twenty four hours. I had such a fun night... last night? This morning? Either way, I went to jayshums house last night to meet up with him and Sean. Much fun was had by all! I got there for around five and we watched "Apocalypto" (which is a surprisingly good movie) followed by "I Am Legend" (which is an ok movie, but...well... if you see it, you'll see what I mean). Then an interim of many hours worth of talking (about really weird fucking stuff, from why they think I'm mother material (and why I think I'm not =P) to male anatomy, to the psychology of relationships (apparently women have all the power and the only guys that get the girls are dicks. Why haven't I been informed of this before?!); to their Halo alter-egos, to the best way to wear suspenders and underwear. A resounding "what the fuck?!" from all). Around four am we watched "Signs" which is a fun movie complete with preachy ending! But it had Joakim Phoenix and I've had a soft spot for him since 8mm, so it was worth it. Then more talking, followed by a Superman cartoon (of three minutes in length) that was raging WWII anti-Nazi propaganda. Impressive after zero hours of sleep. So much fun! It was so great to hang out with old friends and chat about comfortable things (or uncomfortable things, in the case of the suspenders).

Ah, happy sigh. Should I sleep some? It's eight am, I don't really see the point now that it's morning and I'm already up. Wouldn't sleeping just make me tireder since it could only be for a couple of hours? That's decided! I shall stay up and keep my headphones in because I have this sneaking suspicion that my dad and his girlfriend are having sex. Good for them, since last I heard they weren't on speaking terms. Bad for me because... ow, my ears.

Aside from Parental Unit sex, I do enjoy visiting friends and family down here.
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Fall Out Boy (that's right, you heard me)
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Japans first foreign geisha [excluding Liza Dalby, I guess]

TOKYO — For the first time in the 400-year history of the geisha, a Westerner has been accepted, and on Dec 19, formally debuted under the name Sayuki. Sayuki specializes in social anthropology, a subject which requires anthropologists to actually experience the subject they are studying by participating in the society themselves.

Sayuki has been doing anthropological fieldwork in Asakusa — one of the oldest of Tokyo�s six remaining geisha districts — for the past year, living in a geisha house, and participating in banquets as a trainee. She has been training in several arts, and will specialize in "yokobue" (Japanese flute).

Sayuki took an MBA at Oxford before turning to social anthropology, and specializing in Japanese culture. She has spent half of her life in Japan, graduating from Japanese high school, and then graduating from Japan�s oldest university, Keio. Sayuki has lectured at a number of universities around the world, has published extensively on Japanese culture, and is also an anthropological film director with credits on NHK, BBC, and National Geographic Channel.

For this project, a book "Sayuki: Inside the flower and willow world" will come out in 2008 with Pan Macmillan Australia. A documentary is being filmed throughout the year.

Original Article

Right, off to Japan!
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Alright, so, I've found a tattoo that I really like and is in a nice hidden place (a pre-requisite if ever I get a tattoo) so I'm posting it here so that I won't forget it/lose the pic.


The link IS NOT WORK FRIENDLY. At all. In case you're wondering, it's the butterfly tattoo I like (but will probably never get. sigh.).

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So, in honour of consumerism, here's what I got for Christmas:

♥Black Venus, by Angela Carter
♥Titus [Andronicus] (dvd. this was a huge surprise - my mother is nothing if not observant)
♥My Neighbour Totoro (dvd)
♥A text message from the ex
♥The Storyteller box set (dvd - been dying to have this for YEARS)
♥A purple satin/velvet embroidered/patchwork scarf
♥A notebook
♥A stocking full of stuff

It's been nice, though I'm very glad that it's over. I couldn't remain this (HONEST TO GOD, I'M) jolly forever. It's exhausting.

Have I mentioned the library has upped my hours? Yay! But I now may be working on my birthday - boo! I think I'm going to succumb and go see The Golden Compass for my birthday. This'll never end well.

And I don't want to be 20 >.< I'm not finished being 19 yet! Nay, I'm not finished being a teenager yet! I'm always six months behind my actual age anyway, I'll feel 19 until July when it finally dawns on me that I'm 20.
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Merry Christmas ♥
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I can't believe this time a year ago I was in Sweden feeling awkward due to a language barrier. That's one Christmas I'll never forget. It was fun, though. However, I am so happy to be here with my family (this is the first Christmas I've spent with my sister in YEARS. Probably about four, we've both been in different countries more often than not).

But oh good lord... I just did the "hunt down old friends on myspace" thing. And I found one of my old primary school friends. Who is now gay. I should've known! But this is cause for concern as he was also one of my kid-crush-boyfriends. Which means that almost EVERY ONE of ANY of my boyfriends EVER has become gay. What the hell's up with that?! Am I the antidote to straightness? Alright, to be fair, I've had about three* boyfriends ever. But two out of three have become gay! Maybe I should be waiting for a message from Fweds mum: "What the hell did you do to my son?!" Bwuahahaha. Oh dear.

(*That's three out of choice, btw. I made the conscious decision at thirteen that I couldn't be bothered with boys AND school. So I picked school until seventeen when Fwed and I happened.)

Also, the library has upped my hours! I'm now somewhere between part and full time. I'm so insanely happy, especially because I need never pay a library fine again AND I get all my dvds/cds for free. For FREE.
I'm listening to:
Fall Out Boy ~ the take over, the break's over
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Trinkets that I covet:

Pearl and key necklace. You have no idea how much I want this. But then again, if you know me well then you know my obsession with keys (I used to collect them when I was a kid - found them everywhere) and therefore you have a pretty good idea.
Pretty much the same as above, only with a longer key! I can't decide which is prettier.
Where do people get these keys? I'd buy about a thousand of them and use them with frog clasps as the closure bit that you thread through the loop. ON ALL MY CLOTHES. Actually, a rosary with a key on the end would be awesome. Or a rosary with an ankh. Either way.
Dear future boyfriends, buy me this for Valentines Day.
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Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year!

Ever Your Loving,

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