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HP - Weasley is our King

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Let's see... what's been going on?

- I saw Harry Freaking Potter and LOVED it. Ironic that the actual plot involving the title of the movie is almost obliterated, but anyway *rollseyes*

- I'm starting to get obsessed with Twitter

- Worked overtime today. Tired. Blgh.

And nothing much else! What's been going on in LJ land peeps?

Oh and let me know if you're on Twitter! I need interesting people to follow :p

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I really must try to use Twitter more. Problem is, I'm not interested in following anyone except the ones I actually know, and it's exhausting keeping up with anyone prolific. Give me static ol' LJ any day! lol.

Feeling low and headachy. I must therefore have swine flu!

I think the manager whose job I've been doing is coming back tomorrow. If she's there when I walk in in the morning I guess I'll know. I just feel exhausted every time I think about everything I need to hand over to her.

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So tired. Don't know why - I'm getting enough sleep! I think people-managing is emotionally draining and making me physically exhausted from thinking too much. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!!

My parents are in the final days of their O/S jaunt - emailed me from Sandakan this afternoon. They saw orangutans and macaques today. *green with envy* Oh well. I take comfort in the fact that they are on malaria tablets. Mwahahahaha! (mine is an evil laugh)

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Parents have gone off to Malaysia. Put them on the plane mid-week, they've had a few nights in KL and are now in Penang I think. They'll also fly over to Sabah before coming home. Lucky ducks! Everyone keeps saying how lucky they are to be seeing the orangutans, I'm not so enthusiastic however. Something about them gives me the willies. But then, I never had an affinity with apes and monkeys to start with - and then my anthropology courses just gave me too much information. Creepy primates!
But then again I guess they are endangered and special and all that. nawl_v, I did ask them to bring you back a stuffed toy or something :)

Been a team leader at work for the last week solo - one down, three to go. Fun fun fun as you'd expect. Gladly, I'm finding I can do it - nothing beyond my capabilities, just more responsibilities and bigger people looking over your shoulder. *shrug*

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So I haven't posted for a while. Since before the bushfires, in fact.

So much has happened. The nightmare that was getting a mortgage and buying our home is over. I didn't blog about it much because it was just so awful going through it, I just felt sick with anxiety all the time. For about 5 months. And now its over I'm still getting used to the idea that I now own this house. It's a great feeling though.

I'm also concentrating on building up my Creative Memories business. I'm finding it hard to talk to people about it at first - was never a natural at sales - but am constantly surprised by how many people are just naturally interested. And the great thing is - the products virtually sell themselves! My first party (well, not really mine, I hosted and my upline consultant presented) we sold nearly $500 of stuff. That was pleasing!

The boyfriend continues to change jobs with an alarming degree of regularity. I'm worried sometimes he'll never find something he likes well enough to give a shit about. But something always seems to be lacking, and he no longer wants to work for a particular company and moves on. After two years and more jobs than I can count on both hands, I'm used to it by now and almost even relaxed about it, but there's still that nagging worry about a steady income. But he always gets another job straight away (unless he's doing a training course), so does it really matter in the long run? Y'all might comment and say that it says something about his character (ie. that he can't seem to stick to anything, no tenacity etc.) but I really don't think that's it. I have come to believe that he has a much lower shit-tolerance level than me and doesn't believe he has to put up with the bullshit that forms the better part of most jobs. Anyway. I'm rambling now.

Work is ok. Not much to say there except I'm still thinking about leaving, but far to comfortable to actually get up and go. There's something to be said for a nice, cosy rut. Heh. I truly am despairing about the state of the company though. Just feels from the inside that we can't get a thing right with servicing our customers.

Got very inspired (again, this is an annual occurance) by The Biggest Loser and am determined to exercise more. So far I've gone on a walk about once a week, I can feel the enthusiasm waning already but happy I have lost a couple of kilos. I hope I can keep it off - I was busting out of my pants for a while there. That's an expensive thing right there!

I'm thinking of hosting a swap party. Y'know, seems the In thing to do with the whole economic crises thingy. Want people to get clothes and shoes and magazines they no longer want and swap them with each other. Perhaps over champagne and strawberries (or more likely coffe and cake).

_elvie my darling, I have been thinking of you freezing your little Scottish bum off. It's so weird, there's flooding and fires here and the UK is (or was, keep in mind I haven't seen international news for a week) as cold as ... well can't think of a simile right now that doesn't sound vaguely naughty, so yeah - just really damn cold!

So, what's new with you lot? :)

Oh! My thighs!

So today, we had a building evacuation. A practice fire drill, really. 14 floors of people. I'm on floor 13. So down 13 flights of stairs we went. Apparently someone from another floor fell in the stairwell and broke their arm. Absolute. Chaos.
All I can say is: I'm more exhausted than I should be (though our muster point is MILES away, the walk probably did me good), and I'm just happy I didn't wear heels to work today.


My boy stood on a nail the other night. A six-inch roofing nail. He's fine, we got him a tetnus shot and all, but it gave me my most recent taste of our public health system. Waited two hours in the emergency room after seeing the triage nurse. There were probably about 15 other people in there, of them about 7 were patients. One lady told us her son had diagnosed pneumonia and she had been waiting 5 hrs to get him admitted.
So we gave up and went home, and I took him the GP in the morning who said no worries mate and gave him the shot. Crisis over. Sigh.

I'm in the middle of a 2-day management course at work. Today was kind of basic - performance management, reviews and giving feedback. And not one, but THREE dreaded role-plays. Ugh. Hopefully tomorrow they'll get to the meat of it and actually teach me something I don't know! Ah, I am such a conceited pompous git sometimes about work stuff.

Oh! Also on Melbourne Cup day, I not only got 2nd and 3rd in the office sweep (won $25, thankyouverymuch), I also won Best Dressed. I got a bottle of wine! Kind of embarrassing really. I don't think very many people dressed up! But I wore this black feathery fascinator thing in my hair, which may have tipped the balance ;) All about effort, you know...

Oh the weekend!

I cannot say how glad I am the weekend is here. I am having a pedicure for the first time in my life. Go me.

They seem to be going to release BSG S4 in bits here. Arg. Frustrating. Just want the box set please! Then me and the boy can have cosy marathon nights with chocolate and scotch. Hmmm.

Am downloading iTunes for this PC. Man its a big file. Even with my new-found broadband its not exactly blisteringly fast.

God I love this icon. It represents me at 3.55pm this afternoon after playing manager all day (my boss was away). Heh.

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Thursday, and the weekend beckons. I have a day off work tomorrow but I'm still going in for an hour or so to meet a management bigwig who is going to grace our centre with his presence.
I see it as a great opportunity to voice the issues we have an on a daily basis and actually have some intelligent discussion with management about ways to make the staff's life easier.
Colin thinks I'm mad.
Of course, it'll all probably amount to not much more than a meet-n-greet and the usual dribble about productivity.
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Glorious summer

Spent a most wonderful long weekend (Australia Day) in Caloundra with my darling, at our favourite apartment there. Worth every cent for the relaxation factor and the sheer beauty of an Aussie beach in summertime. We ate out, veged out and spent quality time.

Then I cried last night because I could hardly face the prospect of going back to work. I feel like I have nothing to look forward to now that this weekend is over. And work continues to bite the big one.

I am at the stage now where I am seriously considering handing in my resignation. No salary is worth this crap.

Or am I being a drama queen? I'm quite sure there are many people out there in worse working conditions than me who put up with it. Then again, why should I have to put up with constant shit and staff shortages when the job market is so good?

Just thinking out loud here :D