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Firearms are not toys

Spent a really good day with my boy today. We spent quality time - at the shooting range. Weird I know but I really enjoy it every now and then (but all the time would be a little hard to take - so many loud bangs!).
I shot the .222 for the whole time, at 50m and 100m. I need more practise at 100m, definately.
And now I need to shower. I would not pass a GSR test right now I can tell you.

feet good

I totally had a forty dollar pedicure yesterday and it was worth every damned cent. My feet feel FANTASMIC. Put that shit on my list of personal indulgences!

Have had a lovely quiet weekend, just chillaxing with my boyfriend (when he's not sleeping - he's working a lot of nightshift lately) and catching up on housework. Which was strangely satisfying instead of hideously awful like usual.

I think 'chillax' is my new favourite word. I don't care if it's stupid. I CARE NOT I TELLS YE.

Oh the weekend!

I cannot say how glad I am the weekend is here. I am having a pedicure for the first time in my life. Go me.

They seem to be going to release BSG S4 in bits here. Arg. Frustrating. Just want the box set please! Then me and the boy can have cosy marathon nights with chocolate and scotch. Hmmm.

Am downloading iTunes for this PC. Man its a big file. Even with my new-found broadband its not exactly blisteringly fast.

God I love this icon. It represents me at 3.55pm this afternoon after playing manager all day (my boss was away). Heh.


Colin has finally got a date for the start of his new job - he's got a position out on the gas rigs as gopher (official job title is 'leasehand'). Good money, very remote. Two weeks on, one week off. Fly in, fly out. He showed me on the map where the gas fields that he's going to are - on the Strezlecki track between Innaminka in SA and, well, whatever's south of there. In other words - the corner of bumfuck and NOWHERE.

He goes Oct 1.

Yeah, I'm gonna miss him something hard.

In other news, for some reason I keep thinking about Christmas. As in, shopping early for Xmas presents. I think it's from seeing Xmas cards already on sale in the newsagent last week. It starts earlier every damned year!

Went to a posh tea shop with nawl_v this afternoon - was so very cool! We had fancy sandwiches and pots of tea. It was all very English - just the kind of shop we envision opening ourselves one day! For those Brisbanites on my flist, it was Queenie's at Ascot. Very expensive comparatively for High Tea, though it is the only place I've seen in the city that does a Low Tea as well!


Went up the farm yesterday, my gawd it was cold! I definately have fully acclimatised to BrisVegas.

Went to a play at the Rep Theatre with some old workmates, it was very clever and witty, and well done. Key for Two, it was called. But the theatre itself was so cold! Everyone wore their jackets during the performance. And no, nawl_v, I did not see the resident ghost! I did look for her though :p

Flyboy and I ended up sleeping in the lounge in front of the fire. It was TOASTY WARM. Mmmmm. Warm good.

I really don't want to go to work tomorrow. Several people have been telling me I need a contingency plan in case my entire team or centre goes under or gets the chop. I sort of have a vague idea of what I'd like to do, but I need time to refine it. Hmmm. Maybe time to hit Seek and see what else is out there?

Easter Weekendness

Went to the farm for Easter. It wasn't anything huge, just four days of basically lazing about, drinking in the evenings, eating enormous amounts of chocolate and generally making a pig of myself.

Flyboy spent most of the weekend pulling the engine and transmission out of his truck. The gearbox is rooted so we've got it in the shed. It took a him, my dad and my brother two days to pull it apart. I handed them tools and stuff. It was educational :p

So now the truck's in bits until it gets new parts. Flyboy is a little depressed about this.

In other news, I won 2nd prize in the Easter raffle at work, and won a chocolate hamper so big I couldn't carry it home on the train with me and my boy had to pick me up from work. Yays!


Went and saw The Illusionist with nawl_v - very good, loved the costuming and direction, and Ed Norton and Paul Giamatti are always awesome. Bought a dress, and Nawl cooked me dinner the lovely lady!

Today it was perishingly hot, so didn't do much other than go for a swim at Flyboy's place.

He's found out about this LJ. Well, he knows I have an LJ, but fortunately he know yet what my username is or anything. I asked him not to try to find out because I'm not comfortable with him reading everything I've blogged about him - or any of my previous infatuations! And I so do not want to have to take the step of going friends-only.


This weekend Flyboy and I drove down to Alstonville, which is a tiny town in the mountains inland from Ballina, in Northern NSW. Very pretty country, we enjoyed the drive very much - Flyboy because he loves driving his truck anywhere and the roads were especially windy; me because there were great views, and also I love driving in the truck with him :)

There was a Ute Show on in conjunction with the local rodeo, a very small affair, with only nine utes entered. Flyboy won Best Street Ute in the end, which was nice because he hasn't gotten anything in the last two shows we've been to.

Today we went for a drive up to Camp Mountain, to a lookout up there, and found a lovely little place with tables and BBQs. Filed for future reference, it would be lovely to get a bunch of people together and go up there one afternoon on a weekend and just chill out.

This arvo went over to nawl_v's and watched the first episode of Deadwood. Very good, though I found you have to concentrate really hard to figure out what's going on. No background music either - very unusual, but refreshing. I like Jane, she's cool. We also watched the 'lantis ep Duet, which was gut-bustingly funny. I <3 Rodney far too much!


Had a huge weekend. Had Friday off for Australia Day and generally did nothing - stayed over at Flyboy's (after work drinks, which were non-eventful) and generally lazed around for most of the day. We ended up going to a last-minute Ute competition they had on at the local Oz Day celebrations at the park, so we took the truck (did I mention he drives a Ford F150 pickup? SO TOUGH) and entered at the last minute. The utes were locked in until later in the evening which pissed us off but we weren't doing anything else so hung around all afternoon chillin' out with ute people. He didn't win anything.

Saturday I went up the coast with nawl_v and went swimming at Caloundra. It was AWESOME. So good to escape the city for the day and just get in the water. Got a bit sunburnt despite my best efforts. Photos here at downfromthedoor.

And today Flyboy and I went to another Ute Show, just for something different. This one was bigger and there were heaps of flash utes, I'll post some pics when I get them off my camera. The main problem was I was assured by someone that there would be plenty of shade so I wouldn't need sunscreen. Um, no. I am burnt to a crisp this evening. My neck burns as I type this. Damn him. He didn't win anything at this show either, poor thing. I'm beginning to think these competitions are rigged, because the same people just kept winning everything.

Speaking of the boy, my courtship with Flyboy continues unabated. He really is the sweetest guy and I like him very much. I've met his parents and stayed over at his place twice now. I've even asked him to come home next weekend to the farm to meet my parents. Too fast? Probably, yes. On Saturday we celebrated our ONE WEEK anniversary of knowing each other. But it feels like I've known him for years, I can tell you.

I hate men

Funny how much can change in a few days. Last post I was still in that blissful limerence stage with NB. Yesterday however, I was severely pissed off with him.

Basically, he's barely spoken to me all week, and won't answer any of my texts. Worse, I suspect he's back on with N, the other girl from work who he was seeing previously but who I believe is stringing him along (she's already got a boyfriend). I had to endure watching them flirt all day yesterday, and by the time I went to after-work drinks I was about ready to write myself off completely and then turn lesbian.
Lucky one of the gay guys in my team, who has been a great friend to me, was kind enough to hear me vent, and also offer to slam NB's head into his keyboard for me. I found out he loves Discworld, so I am sending him a heap of Hogfather stuff. I love finding new fandom friends.

But the morning always brings new promise, and I'm through the angry stage and into bland acceptance. If he's no longer interested in me, it's his loss. I just can't get over how much men lie when in bed. Do they know the shit that comes out of their mouth?

Am going to have a little fandom marathon tonight with nawl_v - 'lantis and seaQuest. Bring on the Shepwhoring and talking dolphins!