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'muricans 'n stuff

Am home to visit W. I swear he has grown another foot into this monstrous tanned woolly-headed boy-man that I hardly recognised. His hair is ALMOST an afro, but it's curly and long so he looks like a half-assed Fuzzy-Wuzzy Angel. I can't help mussing it as often as possible.

We went for a long drive around the countryside yesterday afternoon, ostensibly so bro could try out my new car Darcy, but also just to talk. He is already thinking about going overseas again - he wants to work for a bit here to save some more money however as he's flat broke.

He said America is just like Australia - only more American. He also said it's a bit like Dawson's Creek crossed with every teen and frathouse movie you've ever seen. He was living in a town near a college though, so it's possible his experience was taited by them college-kids and their carryings-on.

On a totally unrelated note, when we went out in BrisVegas the other night we were with a group of N's hubbie's mates - all coppers. One of them was in the dog squad, and his dog was named Paddy. AND PADDY HAS HIS OWN POLICE ID BADGE. Cutest thing EVER. The guy showed it to me - it even has a photo of Paddy The Cutest Police Labrador Ever. Being a bit drunk at the time, I told him that ID card was the biggest Leg-Opener in the history of Picking Up. Again, Paddy the police dog: OMGSOCUTE.


W is home! He flew home from Philadelphia via LA and Fiji (narrowly avoiding a military coup!).
I am going home to the farm today to see him.

Went out last night - ended up at the casino. Wowsers. Though I'm happy to report that no matter how drunk I was, I still couldn't get up the courage to play blackjack. I get so nervous just watching!

Stuff and nonsense

Big news: my brother is coming home!! After 18 months overseas, W emailed me yesterday to say he's coming home. He rang mum today and according to my calculations he is currently in a plane somewhere over the Pacific between LA and Brisbane.

*performs the Dance of Joy liek WHOA*

I don't know if I'll get to see him when he gets in as I'll be at work and he's going straight home to the farm, but YAYS!

In other news:

I didn't know Nicole Kidman was cast in that His Dark Materials movie!

Light a candle for the innocent victims of online child abuse - a cause I really believe in kiddies

I promised myself I wasn't going to buy any more DVDs for a while... but... - hell, BSG! Atlantis! NCIS! I am so going shopping tomorrow night.

Also DMC is out in two weeks - I am salivating over the extras. I see 'lantis S2 is out at the end of the month too - Nawl, you win that bet!

O Brother

W sent some photos from his weekend trip to Washington DC. There's W with his mate in front of Abe Lincoln. There's W looking pensively out over the water to the Washington Monument. There's W sitting on the fence at the front of the White House wearing thongs and a t-shirt.


Bless his cotton socks.
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Life, oh life, oh liiiiiiife.

Things wot have happened:

- Got my hair coloured this afternoon. It is now dark brown with a dash of red. Took FOR. EVER. Even the blow-drying took half an hour. Grr. On the upside, deadly straight hair for once! For the next 12 hrs, anyways.

- I got fic feedback! "that really good =)" It was for a LOTR fic I wrote eons ago, but yays anyways!

- W emailed me, his boss has made shirts for him and his mates that say "Aussies Do It Downunder". Hi. Larious.

- Jericho is on tonight. "Hot off the Satellite" or so I am told by reliable sources. Hope it's good. Skeet Ulrich isn't nearly as attractive as I remember him from Scream though.
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Hello world

Heard from my brother! He escaped the horrors of the airline terrorist thingy and arrived in the US of A about a week before all that shite went down.

He's at a place called State College of Pennsylvania. Staying with some people there, or some such. He is planning a weekend trip to Cinncinatti. That's all the info I got out of him. Oh, and there was a skunk in the yard and he wanted to go outside for a smoke but he didn't want to get sprayed by the skunk and he was too afraid to poke it with a stick. Ah, such hijinks.

I looked up Penn State on the interwebs and it appears Large and has many campuses. I'm guessing these would all be in different towns and/or suburbs of Philadelphia? Any of my 'merican flisters know? I want to find out exactly where he is so I can look at him on Google Earth.

In other news, I might be getter a new car! The car place has a nice little Proton that they're getting on a trade but we have to wait and see if the other peoples' finance comes through. I'm so over car shopping, I just want a vehicle already!

Also, I am happy with Ch 10 at the moment because they are putting Futurama on every weeknight. That's a lot of Zoidberg.

I have some icons to post but Photobucket's being a bitch. *kicks it*

Good news everybody!

My brother is alive! We hadn't heard from him in a while - over a month. Mum was beginning to think he'd been pressed by the Portugese Navy. No, not really. That was me.

In other news, as part of the big restructure at Telstra I blogged about last week, I've found out there's going to be seriously a lot of positions opening up in Brisbane. The internal ones are being advertised at the end of the week but there'll also be external recruitment in this Saturday's paper, via Hudson. I'm definately going to think seriously about maybe applying for one or more. I'm totally ready to move at this point. Probably because I had a shitty day at work, but also because I'm over my job at the moment.

Dammit, why wasn't I born independently wealthy?? Damn you, cruel fate.
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Yays for the Doctor!

Aussie DW fans, luthien_black has pointed out that the first disc of S2 is on the EzyDVD website as being released on July 20.
Can I take bets on whether the ABC will actually air it before then? *evil grin*

In other news, my brother told me he was in a film clip for a "British pop star" the other day. Despite begging and threats, he won't tell me who it was until it's released, the bastard. I shouldn't get too excited though, what pop star goes to Lagos to film their videos?

I spent waaaay too much on clothes on Saturday. On the upside, a heap of new winter work clothes. Woo.

Also, I bought three balls of feather wool and a pair of knitting needles. Yes, you may faint now. I am knitting a scarf. We'll see how long this fad lasts.


So my brother W reckons MTV is filming something at the bar where he works this week.

My question - does anyone know what show this would even be for? He seems to think it's a film clip, which would suggest there's a band involved.

Also, I'm wondering if it would be for MTV Europe (as he's in Portugal) - is there such a thing? Or do they just show all-American content on MTV in Europe? Ok, now I'm confusing even myself.

Anyhoo, I'll be interested to see if he gets on the telly from it!

Oh, and the bar he works at is called Joe's Garage.
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