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So once again I find myself at home alone on a Saturday night, comfort eating and curling up under my Snuggie with Goren and Eames. I guess there's not really anywhere else I'd rather be, but it can get a bit boring doing it almost every single weekend!

So the boyf wants to go on a road trip for our next holiday - I have 2 weeks leave in Sept. I don't want to do this a) because driving to see his parents in Townsville when we just saw them at Xmas is not appealing, b) it's a damn long drive and c) the boyf does not know the mean of driver fatigue and would insist on doing it in one stretch, or possibly two with one night's stay somewhere in between. Not my idea of fun. Besides, I've been dreaming of two or three nights at a unit at the Sunshine Coast for 6 months now.

I think I'll just do that anyway. He's threatening to drive to Townsville by himself. I said fine, I'll go to Caloundra by myself. I can guarantee we'd miss each other within 3 hours.

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So tired. Don't know why - I'm getting enough sleep! I think people-managing is emotionally draining and making me physically exhausted from thinking too much. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!!

My parents are in the final days of their O/S jaunt - emailed me from Sandakan this afternoon. They saw orangutans and macaques today. *green with envy* Oh well. I take comfort in the fact that they are on malaria tablets. Mwahahahaha! (mine is an evil laugh)

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Parents have gone off to Malaysia. Put them on the plane mid-week, they've had a few nights in KL and are now in Penang I think. They'll also fly over to Sabah before coming home. Lucky ducks! Everyone keeps saying how lucky they are to be seeing the orangutans, I'm not so enthusiastic however. Something about them gives me the willies. But then, I never had an affinity with apes and monkeys to start with - and then my anthropology courses just gave me too much information. Creepy primates!
But then again I guess they are endangered and special and all that. nawl_v, I did ask them to bring you back a stuffed toy or something :)

Been a team leader at work for the last week solo - one down, three to go. Fun fun fun as you'd expect. Gladly, I'm finding I can do it - nothing beyond my capabilities, just more responsibilities and bigger people looking over your shoulder. *shrug*


- Going to see Linkin Park tonight! Yays!!

- Have a day off work (RDO) tomorrow! Yays x 2!!

- Colin got a new tattoo - it is of a dragon skeleton going 'RAR'. Very scary. Am getting used to it, though at first was a bit BZWA?!??

- Colin has also left his job on the gas rigs. Long story. nawl_v, I haven't seen you to tell you, I'm sorry darl, I know you hate hearing about things on LJ first. He's now trying to get a job as a security guard.

- Am already thinking about Xmas. Bizarre, because I usually don't until about December. But am already making lists and thinking of cards and wrapping etc. Worrying.

- My brother successfully survived Oktoberfest in Munich and is now back in Portugal after heading home via Belgium. I hear he lost his mobile in an amusing incident with a fountain, and stuffed himself full after staying with a family who owned a chocolate factory. Bastard.

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Today at work was ridiculous - everyone was having the day off to go watch the cricket and we had heaps sick as well.

So tomorrow is my day off. I plan to sleep in, do some work (yeah, I still gotta prepare some training stuff for next because guess what? I've got to teach 4 new trainees!) and go and buy a new mobile telephone. Because I think it's ridiculous I work for the country's largest telecommunications company and my mobile is a Nokia from the Dark Ages.

Also there will be drinks in the city. I like this one bar on the river because they sell my favourite Asian beer, Tiger. It always reminds me of Bangkok, and how I used to enjoy one at the end of every fun-filled sightseeing day.

If any of you ever go to Bangkok, you must take a vow not to stay in one of those generic hotels in the city - instead get a clean, cheap room in a hostel in Banglampu (the backpacker area) and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of Khao San Rd. God, I'm getting thirsty thinking about it. Promise me!

'muricans 'n stuff

Am home to visit W. I swear he has grown another foot into this monstrous tanned woolly-headed boy-man that I hardly recognised. His hair is ALMOST an afro, but it's curly and long so he looks like a half-assed Fuzzy-Wuzzy Angel. I can't help mussing it as often as possible.

We went for a long drive around the countryside yesterday afternoon, ostensibly so bro could try out my new car Darcy, but also just to talk. He is already thinking about going overseas again - he wants to work for a bit here to save some more money however as he's flat broke.

He said America is just like Australia - only more American. He also said it's a bit like Dawson's Creek crossed with every teen and frathouse movie you've ever seen. He was living in a town near a college though, so it's possible his experience was taited by them college-kids and their carryings-on.

On a totally unrelated note, when we went out in BrisVegas the other night we were with a group of N's hubbie's mates - all coppers. One of them was in the dog squad, and his dog was named Paddy. AND PADDY HAS HIS OWN POLICE ID BADGE. Cutest thing EVER. The guy showed it to me - it even has a photo of Paddy The Cutest Police Labrador Ever. Being a bit drunk at the time, I told him that ID card was the biggest Leg-Opener in the history of Picking Up. Again, Paddy the police dog: OMGSOCUTE.

Travel Anecdote #1

Am stuck for something to blog tonight so I'm just going to plunge in with a little story about The Toad. I have been thinking about The Toad lately because I recently emailed some people from my Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore tour back in May and begged them for a photo of said Toad to prove to everybody in my family how hideous and disgustingly huge it was.

Some have you have heard this story - feel free to skip!
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Loved. It.

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I wish I was in Bangkok right now, Tiger beer in hand, watching the street life and deciding whether to order Pad Thai or something more adventurous. I have to go back there one day.

Actually thinking about it now it strikes me about how ballsy that was going there on my own. Yet when I was there it didn't seem to me at all strange striking out from my hotel each day, bag packed with bottles of water, a camera and some baht. It was all just such an eye-opener.

Several people have said to me since then that they think I am brave travelling on my own but seriously, two years ago I was afraid to even move to the city to go to Uni. I think eventually the desire to just get out and see the world overcame my fears and because there was nobody else who was interested/could afford to go with me I just did it. Fair enough, I started out easy and did Europe, and did a tour, but it enabled me to build up my confidence enough to go it alone through Scotland and England, and later in SE Asia.

I have so many stories from my travels, and some of you have heard some of them (particularly the one about the giant toad, that's a favourite) but at the same time I am still a bit afraid of becoming that boring wanker who starts every story with "Oh, this one night when we were in Ao Nang..." or "The day that I went to the Louvre".

I have been thinking that when I'm stuck for something to blog about I'm going to relate some travel anecdotes. I even thought about doing a poll to gauge how my flist would feel about this (eg. Would you be interested in my travel stories? Yes/No/Neutral) but to hell with it, it's my darned journal! Several of you pointed this out to me the other day when I was apologising for venting a lot.

So. Yeah.

... Bones is on! Thanks for your kind attention :)