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Woes and yays

So today at work, I had the shittiest afternoon. One of the girls up and quit just by walking off the floor while I was on lunch. Apparently the last straw was an offhand comment from me where I reminded her that the answer to her question was something that we had covered in training.

So it's kind of ridiculous now we've lost two trainees this week and now have a grand total of about 6 people doing the work of 10. It's going to be a very stressful week. At least next week they're putting on some more staff, but it'll be a month before they're up to speed. *sigh*

I actually started crying a little bit as I was leaving but I'm ok now. HG actually gave me a hug when we were walking up the street to his bus stop. It was a you'll-be-right-mate hug, but it cheered me right up. I am refusing to read anything more into it because my emotions just can't take it right now!

He does smell awfully good though.

And then I found a place to live! I went and looked at a house this afternoon and I knew straight away it was perfect. Beautiful old Queenslander, great suburb, fantastic location (2mins walk from the train), lovely flatmates and frangipani spilling over the front verandah. I couldn't have asked for anything more lovely. I'm moving in on Dec 2nd.

*performs the Dance of Joy*

This great news, plus the OOTP trailer makes me a happy panda. (trailer_spot has the links if you haven't seen it yet in its High Definition Glory)


Hey is the new Harry Potter trailer out yet? Wantsss Precioussss....

ETA: Apparently we have to wait until Monday. Pout. Mugglenet.com has some good piccies however. Harry/Cho kiss for teh win!

Trailer madness

I highly recommend the trailer for 300, if you haven't already seen it.

Though the quality of that version is poor and small (all that my dialup and patience can handle most days) it's hysterically overdone. Is it just me or does the whole thing look like it's been done using a combination of CGI and Poser?

That said, there's plenty of bare male chests and grandstanding heroicism for sword-and-sandal afficionadoes like myself. Poor Gerard Butler, he can't catch a break, can he?

Help? Pwease

Does anyone have any good mirror links for the trailers for The Prestige and The Fountain? For some reason the Apple site doesn't like me. Or perhaps I need a newer version of Quicktime? Again??